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Augmented mobility to boost m-commerce in Africa

World's fastest growing mobile market with vast opportunity for operators, banks and businesses to utilize mobile channel - that's Africa. A unique solution enabling mobile commerce and custo

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Dazid is a strong mobile start-up with a talented team having diverse capabilities, hands-on experience of broad range of mobile and software technologies, a unique solution platform under development, affiliates and partners with complementing solutions and markets, and a solid sales pipeline.

Digitalization and mobile connectivity are megatrends that enable entirely new level of customer engagement and interaction for businesses, regardless of industry. Corporations are waking up to the possibilities of mobilizing their consumer businesses. Entirely new business opportunities also arise constantly in the mobile commerce market, which is in the early phase and grows fast. Mobile payments, mobile ticketing, location based services, and other mobile commerce applications represent the fastest growing service segments utilizing mobile data. 

Africa is the second largest and fastest growing mobile market in the world. With over 650 million subscribers and still just 50% mobile penetration, together with regions having strong economic growth, it is a very compelling market. Fixed line internet is almost nonexistent, and large consumer masses have plain mobility as their communication channel. Low-end phones supporting basic SMS, USSD and voice are used by the large majority of people. TV and traditional media penetration is very low. Mobile channel is extremely attractive for businesses to address the consumer market in Africa.

Dazid is selling and developing a unique solution to enable m-commerce especially in Africa. We extend the potential of mobility, and therefore talk about augmented mobility. We help our customers - banks, operators, businesses and public sector - to reach the potential through mobile channel, and interact with recognized customers in a convenient manner not experienced before. Recognition means knowing who the customers are - not treating people as anonymous masses but as individuals. Convenience is about easy and secure transactions not offered by any player yet. With our solution, the businesses can further on extend their customer base, improve customer satisfaction, sell more, and get better informed of their customers. 

We enable augmented mobility with our core platform. We enable what our customers do not do. Mobile operators serve their own customers only; we enable addressing all. Operators do not offer comprehensive payment options such as premium SMS or true banking solutions, just wallet services; we enable it by providing practical ways for anybody to offer e.g. easy-to-use mobile ticketing. Banks do not have any foothold in the mobile domain currently; our solution will bring them there. Businesses do not have any connection to the mobile users, nor do they have mechanisms for selling and charging and serving the mobile customers; our solution enables it. 

Dazid implements this by integrating its proprietary platform into the customer's own business infrastructure.  That enables the customers to extend their offering into the mobile channel and offer easy and secure transactions to the consumers. Dazid also complements its offering with third party solutions, devices and software. This enables efficient customization and economy of scope. We apply evolving business models, from solution sales to service sales and service provider models. We differentiate by customer intimacy strategy, which is based on our high level connections and presence in the target markets.

We have a goal called "15 by 15". By this we mean having EUR 15 million sales by 2015. Dazid has a great chance to reach this and become an internationally recognized gazelle company. To accelerate growth, Dazid is seeking additional capital from external investors. In the short term we need the funds especially for resourcing our platform development, and for supporting our current channels in the sales and negotiation phases. The exit plan is a trade sale to a strategic buyer.


Vårt team

Vårt team

Dazid has a very experienced, diverse, technically capable, innovation minded and business oriented team with a track record of dealing with large customers and projects internationally. We are continuously seeking the best talents to join us.

Currently we have a team of four key people in Finland, and a full time local person in East Africa through an affiliate. 

Heikki Mäkilä (M.Sc, eMBA) is a true mobile business pioneer, with exceptionally broad experience from the whole mobile value chain from device manufacturing into mobile network and service rollouts and global business strategies. Heikki has worked for recognized mobile communications companies like Nokia, Omnitele, DNA, Tellabs, Elcoteq, Celestica and now Dazid as a partner and co-founder. Heikki is also a board member in Somocon Oy and Gecko Systems Oy. Heikki brings senior leadership and profound strategic business development experience into Dazid business. 

Tomi Siimekselä (B.Sc, MBA ongoing) is a sales and marketing executive, whose background is in ICT and mobile companies as well as in logistics business. Customer communication, and understanding the customers' needs and buying processes, and successfully practicing the value based strategic selling process are Tomi's special strengths. Strong mobile domain expertise combined with the necessary customer encounter management are vital for Dazid's success.

Mikko Kontio (M.Sc, MBA) is the most technical yet strongly business oriented team member. Mikko has contributed a lot with software by writing books about mobile software development and by leading software development projects and also by running a software company as a CEO. Mikko's subject matter expertise from technology architectures is material for Dazid's ability to develop groundbreaking solutions.

Pekka Vuento (Bachelor of Laws) brings us extremely valuable in-house resource regarding jurisdiction, contracts, company structures, negotiation and related matters required in international business. Pekka has also deep insights into mobile business, as well as international connections that help us penetrate especially West Africa and the Middle East.