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Hakema - Ridiculously Simple Scheduling

Hakema booking button is a ridiculously simple way to book meetings. When people are searching for apartments, cars etc. online, they want to make an appointment instantly. Using the button c

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Hakema booking button is a ridiculously simple way buyers and sellers can connect on a classified website.

When people are searching for apartments, cars, boats online, they often need to contact the sellers to see the items. That means they need to make appointments with sellers.  Finding a suitable time using phone and e-mail is time-consuming and inefficient. The sellers might also miss calls and emails. Using Hakema booking button, buyers can book appointments with sellers anytime, while browsing the listings. Sellers can use the service right from their classified sites where Hakema service is enabled. They can simply set their free times and stop worrying about buyers not able to reach them. Sellers can also analyze buyers and their interests.

For classified providers, the button is very easy and fast to integrate, almost the same way they integrate Facebook Share or Like in their listings.Using our plug-n-play technology classified providers can increase value of their media and earn more revenue.

Current Challenges for Classified Buyers and Sellers

  • On classified sites the buyers want to see the items immediately to make a decision to go ahead. The current methods to contact the sellers are old-fashioned, time-consuming and simply inefficient.
  • Buyers usually browse the classifieds outside working hours. It is difficult for them to call sellers during these time.
  • Sellers spend a good amount of time answering phone calls and emails to meet with buyers.  They may also miss important leads.

Our Solution

  • Our solution is a simple booking button classified providers can embed with each listing. As soon as a seller sets some free times, the booking button shows in the listing.
  • Sellers can dramatically reduce time spent on answering phone calls, specially during busy work hours.
  • With Hakema Booking Button, buyers can book meetings with sellers anytime, without a need to call or email to check the available times.
  • Sellers can also increase the number of leads by advertising their availability. Sellers also collect information on potential buyers automatically.


  • The solution is designed for most classified categories where there is a clear need for buyers and sellers to meet for e.g. cars, apartments, vans, boats, pets, horses and so on. The technology is generic and very easy and fast to integrate.
  • The worldwide classified industry is worth $41b. We believe our solution can cover about 2-3% of that, i.e. $120m. The service will be adopted faster in those markets where the use of online calendar is high.  
  • In Finland, we provide the solution to Sanoma Classifieds – Oikotie.fi.

Competition in Europe and USA

Hakema is the leader in providing online and mobile scheduling service to the classified industry. Current scheduling solutions are designed to work mostly from the technology provider's site. There are few providers who are now providing a plug-in approach. However, most of them are focused on selling the solution directly from their site. None of the solutions is currently designed to work with classifieds the way the Hakema solution works. Some of the potential competitors - 

TimeTrade -  TimeTrade is an online appointment scheduling system used by businesses to create new sales prospects, accelerate the sales and service process, and make it easy and fast to interact with customers.

GenBook - Adds a BookNow button to your site and turn web traffic into new customers and confirmed appointments.

BookFresh - BookFresh is an online scheduling and appointment booking software that grows your business.

Our Competitive advantages

  • We provide a solution specially designed for online classifieds which they can integrate in few days and start making more profit.
  • We provide vertical specific solutions, i.e. booking for real-estate will have real-estate specific terms and for automotive will have automotive terms.
  • Our service is available via simple plug-in, similar to adding “Facebook Share” to any listing on a classified site.
  • Our business model is aligned with classified industry business models from per listing base to eCPM.
Vårt team

Vårt team

Ajay Garg, Founding Partner & CEO

Ajay has over 17 years of global experience in engineering, sales and marketing. Before founding Hakema, he has worked with four startups and few blue chip companies. He has held management positions in one US and one Finnish start-up and had two successful exits in the USA. His work with Go2Call was to build a Skype like service in early 2000's and launch it worldwide.

With a Masters in Computer Science & Telecom from India and an MBA in Marketing & Strategy from RSM Erasmus University in The Netherlands, Ajay has a good international network and experience. Ajay is passionate about web and mobile services in the cloud.

Päivi Laajanen – Founding Partner & Creative Director

Päivi is a freelane journalist and editor-in-chief of her online media Mathttp://www.matkasto.netkasto. She has Sanoma Magazines, Aurinkomatkat and Finnmatkat. She has a good eye for usability and visual design. 

Hannu Nikupeteri - Technical Director

Hannu has more than 10 yrs of web service design experience. He has implemented complex systems for media and travel companies while at Logica. His earlier experience includes working for an international startup in Malaysia.

Hannu is a great marathon runner and brings a similar discipline to our product development.

Ville Simola -  Business Development
Ville is a co-foudner of Aalto Venture Garage and Startup Sauna, a leading accelerator program in Europe. He and his team have built quite a reputation for Aalto Venture Garage in less than 2 yrs, and he is working to do the same at Hakema.

Mahender Nandikonda – Board Member

Mahender is a co-founder and COO of Qvantel Oy, a Finnish service company which in the last 7 years has grown to €12m in 5 locations.

Sujit Panigrahi - Advisor
Sujit is a serial entrepreneur. He is co-founder and CTO at Convergent Technologies and co-founder and COO at Sequoia Fitness and Sports Technology.

Teemu Kujala – Advisor
Teemu is a sales veteran and has more than 15 years of experience in selling to Finnish businesses and excellent network in other european countries.

Santosh Rai – Technology Advisor

Santosh is a Sr. Software Architect with Apprion Inc, a Silicon Valley RFID company. He has an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology. He has worked in various positions for over 18 years and has created complex software systems.