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Medical Monitoring

SenseM develops the next generation mobile electronics. Sensor systems which are wireless, unobtrusive for mobile and medical applications.

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Our first product will be a wireless electronic fingerring used for tremor monitoring. Currently we are enrolled in pilots together with Karolinska University Hospital where our initial application is to use the sensor ring to monitor patients with Parkinsons disease in order to minimize need of medication and symptoms.

The Medical Monitoring (at home etc.) market is growing at an unprecedented pace as the possibilities thanks to Smartphones in general but low energy bluetooth (bluetooth 4.0 / BLE) and NFC (near field communication) in particular are establishing now.
             Other applications, based on the same platform, such as Mobile Gaming, have a huge consumer potential as well as other niche markets.

For the technical status see demo video. Please note, it is from November 2012, we have come a lot further since then.

What makes us unique is our focus on disrupting the way sensors are used (packaged) becoming non-obtrusive, Sensors on Your Terms. We have a strong IP portfolio and clear vision of forthcoming products complementing the one now being introduced.

We seek 200k USD of additional equity to
(i). complete the technical development and
(ii). introduce and market it

For the investment a CARoI (Compunded Average Return of Investment) of +50% is forecasted and we can provide an exit within 5 years by CA annual growth rate of 150%. We project to break even the latest in 2017.

The investment round needs to be completed by 30 of May 2013.


Vårt team

Vårt team

We consist of a great team with diverse skills in total of 5 people with experience and background in business development and sales in the medical industry, embedded programming, sensor and pacemaker/hearing aid design.

The founders are:

- Bo Hammarlund: Serial entrepreneur with a solid R&D background in Micro/Nano Electronics and +12 years of Sales Int’l B2B S&M. Previously co-founded TranSiC which in 2011 was sold to Fairchild Semiconductor. 
- Stanley Wissmar: Entrepreneur and (former) Senior Scientist with broad experience within Nanoelectronics R&D and Business Development
and 5 persons more

Thus, in total five (5) persons who have a combined +90 years of  experience; 30 years in sales & marketing, 40 years in R&D, and 20 years in management.