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AXO has made game industry inventions, e.g. this text (what you read right now) can be played, AXO's solutions. The solutions work at www.axogames.com. Would you like to invest in game indu

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I am CEO Atte Kananen of AXO-Service Ltd (AXO). I started my company AXO when I figured out how games can be more effective (Patent 118907FI, US, AU and RU). Later on I realized how a value can be set to everything. As a result of this, the so-called AXO Paint game was created in 2008. In AXO Paint game, every drawn pixel is handled as a game choice and the bitmap functions as the game area. This AXO Paint invention makes it possible that all data (e.g., the text you are reading right now) can be played. More information on AXO inventions can be found from the attached AXO PRESENTATION 19 06 2014.pdf.


The Story of the use and business operations of AXO solutions.

The purpose of the Story is to open the reader's eyes for opportunities of game industry development.

I wish to emphasize that the Story is fictional, i.e., a vision that illustrates the various business opportunities available. Story full version; AXO STORY.pdf

The Story family includes the following characters: Father X, Mother O, Son A and Daughter Y.

Father X goes to work by car. The navigation device in the car is connected to the AXO Paint game solution in the way that the navigator registers all routes of the car as game choices and, in this case, the selected game area is the city streets of Oulu. The game service (added value service in the navigator) is offered by Veikkaus Ltd (Finnish game operator) in co-operation with NOKIA HERE map service unit, using an AXO licence.

Father X plays most the search words related to Google Search by using the SEARCH + PLAY button. This is entirely free and the player may receive, e.g., various benefits, discounts or even gift cards from online stores.

Father X also follows tennis closely on TV and, using the so-called "Eagle eye" that registers the places the balls hit, plays them as a game, several times during one match.


Mother O is a housewife and goes shopping for groceries. The information registered in the receipt by the store cash register (text and barcode) has been handled as game choices for several years, and so the AXO services have become familiar through, e.g., this free benefit programme for consumers. Mother O comes home and says to Daughter Y, "once again, I got a €10 gift card with my cash receipt, it had five hits".

Since it is AXO that makes it possible that information becomes a game and owns the IPR of this solutions, i.e., all the rights, AXO gets a 5% commission via this benefit programme of the value of the products that are involved in the programme (the commission of this gift card is €0.50).

On her shopping trips, Mother O likes to play the new drawing game of RAY (Finnish gambling operator). In this game the game area is the whole screen and you can draw with your finger anything you want on the touch screen. So, RAY takes advantage of the second main AXO invention and therefore RAY pays AXO a commission.

Veikkaus Ltd. and RAY have increased their profits and therefore there are more and more winnings to be allocated to the arts, sports, science and youth work, as well as to social and health organizations.


The hobbies of Son A are fly-fishing, billiards and playing the PlayStation F1 game. The same way, in billiards, the locations of the balls have been set as game choices. When balls move in the game area, the game choices change at the same time, so that a game within the game can be played (Patents 118907FI, US, AU and RU) several times during one game of billiards. Due to his fly-fishing hobby, Son A likes to play an added value service offered in Google Earth, where, at this time, Son A has set all the lakes and rivers of the Earth as his game choices.

The F1 game is connected to an added value service called Time is Game game solution, where the game choices represent seconds (to the thousandth of a second). Veikkaus Ltd. offers this Time is Game solution as a chargeable service, and it is played, e.g., during F1 time qualifying sessions and WRC rally stages. MTV and AXO have an agreement of sharing the rights to use this added value service with other TV companies using the revenue share model.


The hobbies of Daughter Y are drawing and photography. From time to time, she plays her drawings. Daughter Y also likes to play her favourite pieces of music, and she has downloaded the same feature into her mobile phone with also the purpose of playing her own speech and other voices.  Daughter Y also goes figure skating and her Arena is connected with an image-based added value service based on camera footage, in which the lines left by her skates on the ice are registered as game choices, with the hockey rink as the game area.


Naturally, the whole family A, X, O and Y use the e-mail added value service called Text is Game, because it is a totally free service. This service does not require any kind of additional measures, only the clicking of the "Send+Benefit?" button instead of the "Send" button. The hearts of the family are also warmed by AXO's charitable operations that support the "Children’s Hospital 2017 project" and cancer research, among other projects.

In the social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), the whole family sometimes plays their own profile pictures, of course using the AXO Figure game innovation for playing.

The vision of this Story is possible with AXO solutions.

The Story is just a scratch of the surface of business opportunities.


To support a decision to invest, I wish to include this fact: The Development Director of an Operator (big game industry operator) said to me in a meeting (23 November 2011, with Atte Kananen, CEO, AXO / Operator Development Director and Operator Development Manager present), "We cannot develop this industry because all ideas and inventions come from AXO."

Thus, the Operator recognizes that AXO is undoubtedly a world leader as far as game industry product development, game solutions and the replicability of solutions are concerned.

Actually, it is difficult to get a more significant reference in the industry. I wish to extend my gratitude to this Operator.

The Operator knows very precisely what kind of game solutions are found in the industry, and therefore the Operator’s message can be considered credible.


The solutions are in operation at the following address: www.axogames.com, you need a browser that supports Flash.

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation

Economic situation

The amount of capital is negative. New investment money is needed.


Solved problems

(1) Patented GameContinueMethod 118907FI, US, AU and RU and (2) PixelGameSolutions; (1) How games can be made more efficient and (2) How a value can be set to all data. (1+2) How all information can be offered as a game and how it is done most efficiently.



According to expert advice, Operator is using the AXO game method 118907FI and Operator paid AXO, so the market value of the patent has already been proved.

The so-called PixelGameSolutions is suitable for various software and applications as an added value service. Users are being searched. Annex; AXO-raportti 20.10.2006.pdf



In Finland: Veikkaus Ltd., RAY and Fintoto. Around the world, e.g.: Play'nGo, Microgaming, Betsson and NetEnt.



Competitors are also Customers in a business model that includes re-licensing possibilities with the revenue share model, e.g., for reasons of risk management.

This business model can be described as a win-win model.

In addition to Game Producers, the potential partners can be the operators described in the "Story" above, i.e., the utilizer of AXO solutions can be any operator who wishes to offer a new added value service, for instance, within the benefit program.

AXO's customer is a operator that has the resources to produce solutions and has a ready-made channels to share solutions, ie, the operator has customers already exists. AXO does not attempt to tamper with a functioning markets, but to support them eg. games to enhance these inventions and agreed terms with the Key Partner. Practice, Key Partner get a license to AXO solutions, and Key Partner doing its own sales efforts as before, but now offering new to customers. Key Partners may, therefore, increase their own market share and get some new customers (because to offer new solutions to game industry), and therefore the value of company can grow.


Why AXO is a unique company

AXO owns inventions including all IPR rights (the relevant IPR and Product agreements have been made). Annex; AXO_Flashbet IPR.pdf.

According to current knowledge, AXO is the only operator in this field. Show us an application and AXO will tell you how the application is a game; if the application is already a game, AXO will tell you how to get another game within the game (including additional games) as an added value service. For instance, the business and company value of the globally successful SuperCell is based largely on offering chargeable added value service.

AXO's own, therefore, an excellent capacity for innovation which is Patent as evidence, and the so-called PixelGameSolutions, as well as experts of the statement (the previously mentioned Operator), the message is clear that the industry needs AXO solutions to develop.


Business model

Licensing, with re-licensing rights. Revenue share models.

Recruit seller searches recovery customers and the Key Partner. More broadly, business in the Annex; BUSINESS and NEEDS.pdf.


Economic prospects

Positive. Due to the unique character of AXO's IPR and solutions, AXO is also able to sell consulting services to Tekes (The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation), for instance, and game industry companies financed by Tekes as well as to other operators such as universities.  Consulting may also open new possibilities for co-operation and that way also new Utilizer Customers for AXO solutions can be found.


All in all

AXO needs a sales person with language proficiency for the company solutions. I am seeking funding for (1) the sales person’s salary, selling and travel expenses, and (2) a small part for patent expenses.

AXO is open to proposals for co-operation and business.

AXO also hopes to find Utilizer Customers through investors and Key Partner. AXO seeking business-minded shareholder. AXO can negotiate with recruit seller to commission salary, based on result.

Vårt team

Vårt team

AXO is a company of one operator and two investors located in Kuusamo, Finland.

The background of AXO's investors is in successful family business, where I was working as a sales person about 15 years. In Pulkkila, Arvi and Ritva Kananen were owners of a company called AR-Kaluste Limited Partnership, which was a diversified interior decoration store. The owners got 23 years of entrepreneurial experience running their business. The company was sold in 2004.

AXO needs a sales person with language proficiency. The job of the sales person is to find Utilizer Customers and Key Partner.

Professional investors in particular, I would say that; because AXO owns all rights to the IPR, investment decisions do not have to personify me Atte Kananen, AXO's founder.

All the solutions to be sold are operational. The sales material is quite ready, so the background work is almost completed. The sales person can start selling new game solutions / added value services immediately.

We the AXO team members Ritva (board member and partner) and Arvi Kananen (partner) state that AXO solutions makes the development of the whole gaming industry and the creation of new export products for the global market possible. For these reasons we have invested in AXO.

Ritva and Arvi Kananen


More information: Ritva Kananen, [email protected], 040 716 44 55 Arvi Kananen, 040 8228 002 http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ritva-kananen/a0/5a8/63