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Carbon Footprint Application for SME's

Sustainability is the new black. Ecompter is a proven SUSTAINABILITY APPLICATION from cloud that enables easy and on-going management of the whole sustainability process of an SME organisatio

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The story of Ecompter started when Ville Valorinta came up with an idea for a CO2 calculator for hotels, who were not actively offering such information compared to e.g. airlines.

The name Ecompter comes from the French word ‘compter’, (=‘count’) i.e. to calculate, to be of significance. Ecompter makes sustainability count.

The first version of the product was developed and proof-of-concept was established with a significant market share in Finland with funding from Ville and Tekes.

In late 2012 Vision+ came on board as a seed investor. Ecompter then gave a facelift to the story and developed the product from CO2 calculator to comprehensive Sustainability Application and started international expansion as a result of which first sales have already been closed in India, the UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

We are now looking to put on the next gear to utilise the momentum with a rapid international expansion within hotel and other industries.

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation


Ecompter is a cloud-based SUSTAINABILITY APPLICATION that enables easy and on-going management of the whole sustainability process of a hotel or other organisation – implementation, measurement and communication.


We have a very strong foothold in Finland, and we have also a proven international demand. We are in agreement with over 50 properties in India already and in total we have customers in 10 countries including e.g. the UK and Switzerland. We work with chains and indepdent hotels and have customers from such brands as Marriot, Design Hotels, Best Western and Starwood.


Sustainability is one of the global mega-trends and is here to stay. Both consumers and corporate customers are increasingly expecting sustainability from their suppliers. Suppliers in turn want to convince their customers about their sustainability and at the same time they look for ways to cut consumption and costs. Ecompter enables doing both of the above.

By default the management in especially SME companies do not have expertise on sustainability and have little time to manage sustainability initiatives. There is no will or possibility to invest in recruiting a ’sustainability manager’ and/or developing own tools for managing sustainability. Using external manpower i.e. consultants is often not an option due to the costs.


Ecompter is a turn-key solution to the above challenge. Ecompter is a cloud-based application that enables easy and on-going management of the whole sustainability process – implementation, measurement and communication - making it easy for the management to start and run the sustainability process.

Using Ecompter to manage and engage personnel in sustainability enables significant cost savings in form of reduction of consumption (energy, water, waste, laundry). Furthermore, Ecompter empowers effective management and communication which will strengthen the brand and engage the customers. Thirdly, Ecompter ensures that the sustainability know-how remains as a property of the organisation and does not walk out of the door with some individual employees leaving the company. Ecompter is easy to use, quick to implement and has a very affordable pricing.


We have stared with the hotel industry to have a proof-of-concept and clear focus on one segment. There are 500.000 hotels in the world so that market alone is very big. Traditional operators in the marketplace are environmental consultants or eco certificates. There are no direct competitors to Ecompter, i.e. comprehensive cloud-based application. Furthermore, Ecompter completes e.g. the environmental certification concepts by providing tools for managing, measuring and communicating the work and requirements related to those so rather than competing we can co-operate with them. Ecompter charges an annual license fee (standard: 850 €), hotel chains pay less per hotel.

While the focus is currently in the hotels industry, the long-term vision is that the concept is highly scalable and can be easily expanded to cover also other areas of hospitality, i.e. restaurants and venues. Furthermore, also shops and offices can be approached. Hence the ultimate market potential is millions of companies.


A free version of the Ecompter Sustainability Manager is distributed to the marketplace. The free version will enable the companies to get started by accessing global best practices and managing their own ideas and initiatives. Ecompter distributes the free version through partnerships who have access to thousands of hotels or other companies and they can add value to their members by bringing the Ecompter tool at their disposal. There will be also advertising and PR, as well as activity in social media (LinkedIn in particular), SEO and SEM.

When the companies register to the free version, Ecompter will have a marketing program in place to constantly offer them an upgrade to the PLUS version i.e. signing up for additional features and pay an annual fee. Even if the companies using the free version would not upgrade to PLUS, they are still a very attractive target group as they are by definition interested in sustainability. Hence environmental consulting, training and different kind of eco supply can be marketed to them providing an additional revenue opportunity.

Ecompter is also working together with CBtec, the leading online training and education platform, and will organise online training about sustainability aimed at SME’s. We will thus seek and reach such professional audience who are looking to educate themselves in the area of sustainability. These trainings generate a good cash flow, build the Ecompter community and provide leads for the Ecompter Application. The Ecompter application can even be included in some courses. CBtec will do the marketing of the courses hence this is a very cost-effective way of business development for Ecompter.

Direct contact will be made with hotel chains and groups where the value of a contract is higher and personal sales work will thus be needed.


Ecompter will be the leading global provider and community for sustainability services within hotel, hospitality and other selected industries.


Vårt team

Vårt team

Ecompter has an excellent and dedicated team that combines know-how of hotel industry, sustainability, business development and technology.

Ville Valorinta, founder, CEO
Ville knows hotel distribution value chain inside and out, and has even written a book about it. He has combined his hotel industry knowledge with the mega-trend of sustainability in Ecompter and he is a passionate entrepreneur. Ville has a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Matti Korhonen, co-founder
Matti has a Masters degree in Environmental Sciences and a deep knowledge of sustainability and CO2 calculations. He is driven by the desire to find ways to create a true win-win situation where businesses, customers and environment can all benefit.

Heidi Haikala
Heidi is in charge of the Ecompter IT platform. She has several years of experience in the Information Technology industry and for the last 5 years her focus has been on Web based projects with a passion to provide the best possible user experience. Heidi has a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering.

Petri Kala
Petri is an experienced travel industry professional and his role at Ecompter is business development. Petri is relentless and sales-oriented and he knows how to use both digital marketing and personal sales work to generate new business.

Venkat Rajan

Venkat has over 20 years international experience in the areas of Energy consulting, Environment, Oil & Gas, R&D, ICT sectors. He has conducted business across Asia Pacific region and Europe. He believes services quality, communication and growth can only happen through adoption of technology and best practices. Sharing experiences with industry and learning quality principles from other industries can help bring in efficiencies and unexplored opportunities that can be tapped. Venkat has led P&L for billion dollar organisations, bilateral government bodies in the regions that he managed. He is a qualified senior management from premier management school from India.


Ecompter has also experienced and committed sales teams in India, Thailand, Scandinavia, and the UK.