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Hakala Performance offers a unique set of services designed for muscle cars. We offer advice on how to modernize the car, import spare parts straight from US, assemble - and offer distinct li

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Harri Hakala has thirty years of experience in rebuilding muscle cars. Already for many years, he has been the heart and soul of an SME based in Ikaalinen, called Anja Hakala Oy. He has learned to fulfill even the most complex and exceptional wishes of clients. Harri has helped them to decide how to modernize their muscle car in order to meet the highest up-to-date driving standards and to make the car more attractive than ever before since rolling off the assembly line!

Now Harri has decided to take the next step. With his team, he has started a new SME called Hakala Performance Oy (HP). The new company has created a unique and distinguished concept of servicing its clients, a concept which Harri nevertheless has had in his mind for years. 

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation

Hakala Performance's mission is to offer a unique package of services to the market for muscle car spare parts and rebuilding. Muscle car is a term used to refer to a variety of mainly American-made sporty cars with powerful engines, designed for high-performance driving. 

There are two separate segments on the market. The US car spare parts market in Finland is approx. 40 million €, of which the market leader takes about 50%. Behind the market leader there are 10 to 20 companies whose turnover varies between 0,5 to 2 million €.  On this market, HP could fairly easily reach 2 or even 3 million € turnover within a few years. 

Merely assembling and rebuilding cars without dealing with spare parts business is in the hands of a few dozens of quite small "garage actors". The total market in Finland might be between one and two million €. 


-Consultation to the muscle car owners on how to customize the muscle car in order to make it better-than-ever

-Access to the international spare parts market in order to guarantee the clients' possibility to reach the best available spare parts imported straight from US

- Customizing and assembling the car

-Offering the potential new customers a similar package starting from a consultation on how to successfully buy one’s first muscle car.

Hakala Performance is able to offer each client a unique opportunity to fulfill whatever dream concerning customizing the car, once, twice, or again and again. All this is possible thanks to possessing a superior knowledge in the techniques of US muscle cars in Finland, connected with a similar level of expertise on the international spare parts market.


- a membership in a club for prime clients including special services like a motor club magazine, the Client of the Year, the Customizing Innovator of the Year, a club event once a year and/or a club trip once a year to some distinguished city or region.    

As a shareholder you become a club member and are entitled to enjoy the club services.

These services serve to strengthen the identity of the group and the pride over being a member of such a unique club.  

- A meeting for the whole family. At this meeting, muscle cars are only a framework for all the amusements offered to the clients. The only cars that move will be pedal cars. 

- A motor circuit meeting once a year where the participants have a chance to take a real drive with an authentic Mustang and to take part in a competition where they can propose how they would customize an old muscle car not-yet-rebuilt.

On this market, this is a package that no other actor is able to offer. In addition, it is a very tricky job to enter this business. Potential competitors who aim to swipe HP off the market do not have the same set of services - and it would take them years to reach the ability to do so even if they started today. 

About the customers then. They are rather prosperous people like entrepreneurs, managers and highly skilled professionals from various industrial fields. The median age of HP's customers is approx.50. Most of them are men, but there is a steadily growing number of ladies who love to belong to the owner group of "real cars". 

Within spare parts and car customizing market, it is exactly the American muscle car customizing that inspires the enthusiast to invest significantly more money than any other custom car related segment of the market.   

We are positive that this business concept is the right one for HP - and the investors as well. Looking at the near future, HP estimates to maintain a steady growth rate for several years ahead. 

The beginning of April is the best time for us to launch the business. 

Vårt team

Vårt team

The team that makes all this happen is:

Harri Hakala. 50 years.  Over thirty years of experience in rebuilding muscle cars, excellent connections to American muscle car part wholesalers and event organizers, strong expertise in foreign trade, close connection to muscle car drivers in Finland and also a superior reputation of renovating muscle cars amongst them. [View my profile on LinkedIn]

Olli Lecklin. 67 years. Lawyer and Master of Economics who has tens of years' experience as a legal as well as marketing and development expert in international companies and consulting SMEs as well.

Olli Osara. 61 years. Master of Economics, who has tens of years of experience in several business branches, like transportation, marketing, finance, tourism and consulting SME businesses.        

 Marjatta Hakala. 72 years. Tens of years of experience in running SMEs and also experience in financing in a state-owned organisation.