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Biggest triathlon online store in Europe

Scorpion Store Europe is online store which is exclusively dedicated to triathlon. Our desire and target to become the biggest triathlon online store in Europe.

Vår berättelse

Scorpion Store was founded in 2006 and later in the same year the first Scorpion bikes and Scorpion online store was launched. Scorpion Store recorded average yearly sales turnover about 100,000 to 400,000 €. Throughout the years, we have been focusing on catering for triathletes’ needs only and sponsored a number of well-known Finnish triathletes i.e. Mika Luoto, Teemu Lemmettylä, Samuli Keisu, Jarno Lehtinen, Panu Lieto, Tuukka Miettinen, Teemu Toivanen, Merja Kiviranta, Kaisa Lehtonen, etc. As a reward, Scorpion has won more Finnish triathlon championships than any other brand as well as the Finnish Road Cycling Cup Championship.

All of our management team members have experience in business and different areas of triathlon, such as coaching, triathlete management, organising races and product development (please find more details in ABOUT TEAM). In addition, thanks to the people with knowledge of Chinese language and business know-how joining the Scorpion team, we have established a good relationship with Chinese industry-leading factories. Along the way, Scorpion has seen the ups and downs in the industry, recognised industry-specific barriers and problems and more importantly Scorpion has found the right answers and solutions. Now we dare to say that supported by our strong know-how, expertise, experience and passion we are able to build the largest triathlon online store in Europe.

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation


The Scorpion Store Europe Ltd. - Scorpion Store Europe Ltd. is a company specialise in triathlon products with a goal to become the leading triathlon shop in Europe. We have been in the industry since 2006, over the years we have found the way to achieve our goal and now we need you. We do not want a few major investors only, but a large number of triathletes with bigger amount of human capital. Because we believe that after all money can not buy customers (triathletes) and cooperation with triathletes is the way to make us successful. Who can be a more reliable and qualified influenser for Scorpion Store than a satisfied customer – triathlete.

Owner’s Club - By investing minimum 250€ you will become Scorpion Store’s owner. Owners will receive our gift package* and always enjoy 30% discount on all products while visit our online store. In addition Scorpion Store will offer pre-order products for our owners only, from which owners can get up to 60% discount. Please find EXAMPLES HERE.

* Note: Investor who invest minimum 250€ receive 35€ gift package and investor who invest more than 500€ receive 180€ gift package. (please CHECK THE PACKET CONTENT).  Gift package will be available early May 2014. 

In spring 2014, pre-order products espcially for our owners will be Xterra wetsuit, Scorpion carbon fiber wheels, Scorpion triathlon clothes and some other major triathlon products.   

Shares & dividend - More importantly we will pay dividends to our shareholders. Therefore in the coming years we do have dividend payout scheme. 

How and Why? - How and why we can be the biggest triathlon online store in Europe?

  1. Product sourcing through manufacturing or importing give competitiveness in our product price, margin, and our most profitable affiliate program.
  2. Member progam and regular newsletters allow us to have royal and committed customers.
    Members will be acquired through social media, advertising, and online store. In addition, during summer triathlon events people will be immediately offered our gift and webstore voucher upon their registration. 
    Members will always get 10% discount on all products, many other benefits, and even free services. By all these means we seek to get more customers to visit our webstore regularly and frequently. More clicks means more sales.
  3. Points Reward Program is launched in order to engage our customers and to facilitate them to tell their friends and share within their social network about Scorpion Store.
  4. Owner´s Club – we target to get 150-500 minor shareholders from this fund raising. The owners not only purchase our products at very low rates but also they can share their satisfactory experience with their triathlete friends. We believe such a referral and recommendation among triathletes is the most effective and efficient marketing. By doing so the owners can use our affiliate tools with their affiliate IDs to recommend Scorpion Store to their friends and at the same time earn referral commision.
  5. The most profitable affiliate program. With this three-tier affiliate programs we not only quantify our affiliates but also the referrer can achieve more commissions than any competitors’ commission programs (details please find the CHART HERE).
  6. Interactive among triathletes such as demo tent in triathlon competition, sponsorship, triathlon school and so forth. We want to be close to our customers and understand the market properly. This is also the reason why all our team members are triathletes, and to work with us the entry criteria is to complete a triathlon race.
  7. All above mentioned make our goal possible due to our strong triathlon knowledge, connections in Asia, and our passion about what we are doing.

Market - Registration slots in most of the biggest races in Europe are sold out instantly. Up to 2012 in OECD countries there was 1 triathlete per 290 people. For example Great Britain had 1 per 225, New Zealand 1 per 140 and Ireland 1 per 156. Based on our assumption, in Europe there will be 2.5 million triathletes in the coming five years. Despite of the rapid growth in the market, in Pan-Europe there is no triathlon-focused online store so far. At the moment the major market players are Wiggle and Chain Reaction, but neither of them particularly offers triathlon products only.  In other words within their vast and wide product range, triathlon products do not easily stand out. However our focus is only in triathlon products, that triathletes need in competition and training. Moreover, triathlete customers have better profile in terms of age, education and average personal income.

Scorpion products – It is more profitable to manufacture products under own brand when sales increase to certain level. Product quality is as good as competitors' but costs will be lower. The profit margin for own products is about 70-90% and own bikes about 50% while the profit margin for selling other brands is about 30-50%. Thus in the coming years we will significantly increase the number of our own products offered to triathletes. At the moment, Scorpion has already a range of bikes, swimming goggles, swimming caps, team cycling shirts and team triathlon clothes. In 2014 Scorpion’s own product range is expected to expand to carbon fiber wheels (38mm, 60mm, 88mm and disc wheel), Scorpion triathlon suit (4 colors), Scorpion helmet, number belt, chip band and lock laces. In 2015 compression calfs / socks, triathlon cycling shoes, triathlon running shoes and cycling glasses will be added to Scorpion brand products. Benefitting from Huahua Kuosmanen-Qiu’s experience and backgrounds, we will be able to develop longterm relationships with a number of factories in China. Thus in the future more Scorpion products will be available.

Importation - List of the products Scorpion is importing. We will also directly purchase other products from manufacturers. All imported products will be available to all retail customers in Europe.

  • America’s leading wetsuit brand Xterra. We have the brand’s wholesale rights in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Xterra will be one of the main products in 2014.
  • Gutzy endurance sports energy products. We have the brand’s wholesale rights in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Scorpion Store Europe OÜ - The company is registered in Estonia where our warehouse will also be moved during March 2014. The city is expected to be Pärnu. Bike and wheel assembling will still be in Finland. There are three reasons to shift the company and warehouse to Estonia.

  • Firstly, corporate profit tax is zero unless there is dividend payout.
  • Secondly transportation costs are significantly smaller than in Finland.
  • Thirdly fixed operating costs (rent and salaries) are about 50% less than in Finland.

Scorpion Store Europe OÜ will cover sales throughout the Europe.

Online Store - www.scorpionstore.eu online store has been redesigned and launched in November 2013. Not only the webpage layout is redesigned but also the backoffice software have been upgraded by Magento tailor-made platform. We have integrated all the latest add-on functions to support our future business growth. Check our most important ADD-ON FUNCTIONS and IMPROVEMENTS HERE.

Vårt team

Vårt team

All team members are committed to our goal to be the biggest triathlon online store in Europe by 2017 and most of our team members have completed a triathlon competition.

Jukka Kuosmanen - Adviser
Kuosmanen is the CEO of Scorpion Bikes Ltd.. He has long experience in triathlon and business, which Scorpion Store Europe can leverage on. He has done many sprint, Olympic and half-distance races and now he has signed up the Ironman race in Kalmar, Sweden in August 2014.
(please find more in LinkedIn)

Huahua Kuosmanen-QiuFinancial Advisor & Board Member
With 14-year working experience in corporate banking gained in Hong Kong and China Mainland, Huahua well understood regulations and business practice and cultural in China and Hong Kong, and have strong knowledge of corporate management and business models in manufacturing, retail and consumer industries. Over the past two years Huahua and Kuosmanen have visited some triathlon product factories in China, thus due diligence and KYC have been done. Huahua did her first sprint distance triathlon race in Joroinen 2013.
(please find more in LinkedIn)

Jarkka TuononenCOO & Board Member
15 years of experience in sport business. He was athlete (FIS Freestyle World Cup) and has been working for Scorpion Store since 2008. He is responsible for Scorpion's promotional campains and events, some product sourcing, customer service and suppliers' relationship. He has completed a few sprint and half distance triathlon races.
(please find more in LinkedIn)

Teemu LemmettyläCPO (Chief Product Officer) & Professional Triathlete
Teemu competed as a pro during last 9 years and he is still competing now. He has 6 x TOP10 IRONMAN finisher and Challenge podium finish. He is a sport tech enthusiastic as well. He studied sport technology in Jyväskylä university and have strong experience in developing and testing sport equipments. At the moment he also works with Finnish cross-country skiers.
(please find more in LinkedIn)

Jenny Markkula – Art Director
Jenny has a Graphic Design degree, and has been working with the Scorpion team since 2011. She has a particular desire towards modern web design and as her latest project she is in charge of Scorpion Store Europe´s new website design. In addition, she does print media and other traditional advertising solutions as good as she works with the world wide web. For her, designing and art is a vital element, not just a normal everyday job. Jenny has promised to complete one triathlon race in summer.
(please find more in LinkedIn).