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Turn Your Mobile into a Microscope

KeepLoop Oy is an innovative technology company, which creates optical accessories to mobile devices with embedded cameras. KeepLoop accessories are both for professional use, but also for ph

Vår berättelse

KeepLoop mobile microscope was an innovation by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) from the times when camera options started to appear in mobile phones. VTT invented the prototype of a optical device acting as a microscope to make microscopic images with a mobile phone. KeepLoop Oy was founded to expand the idea to cover the application field into all existing mobile devices with embedded cameras. We created the commercial product with our strong experience in technical application areas for industry use. Still our passion somewhere is to make the application close to everyone and for consumer use with our coming Play & Game Loop for consumer use. Consumer product is targetted to be launched by several OEM routes to expand the sales worldwide rapidle.


Vår affärs- och marknadssituation

What is KeepLoop ?

KeepLoop Oy is a Finnish technology oriented start-up company, which develops and manufactures new, device/brand independent optoelectronic products and solutions to mobile devices.

The company manufactures all its products by its supplier chain, keeping the key business intelligence and technical knowledge of optics in its own hands. 

KeepLoop Oy is manufacturing and selling mobile microscopes into potential industrial fields filtered during the first operational year. Finland has been acting as a test market. Some thousands of KeepLoop Mobile Microsopes has been sold by our web-store and personal sales. The existing KeepLoop Pro model key customer segments are covered from the following use cases:

  •  Inspection & Quality control in material intensive industries (printing, coating, paper, rubber , plastics)
  • Security
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Art Photography

KeepLoop´s competive advantage

Compact and highly portable magnifyer

  • The flat shape (9mm thick) makes the device easy to carry
  • Larger than simple lenses, but smaller than other devices with built-in illumination
  • Light weight (23g)
  • Product comes with a custom case that protects the device
  • Low power consumption due to efficient LED illumination -> long battery life

Very good image quality

  • Resolution depends on the master device -> no camera sensor updates needed
  • Good optical design for imaging and illumination enable high contrast images
  • Much better image quality than with simple lenses
  • Very good illumination when compared to the other devices with built-in lighting

Extremely Simple to use

  • Extremely simple to use - only one switch, which is used to turn on illumination
  • Illumination fixed to the same area than imaging and no adjustments needed for illumination or focus -> essential for reliable mobile imaging
  • No special software needed for imaging -> no downloads, updates or software tutorials
  • Works with all samrt mobile devices with embedded cameras

Wide business scale up opportunity

  • For professional use with KeepLoop Pro
  • For consumer use with Game/Play Loop

Additional funding

Our company seeks additional funding to expand distributor and reseller channels worldwide. We are  developing our web-store sales, so that people with a demand of high quality and simple microscopic mobile imaging would find us easily from internet.

Additional funding would cover also our second wave product launch:  a prototype Play & Game Loop for wide consumer purposes including game applications. Microscopic Geo search game has a proof of concept into social media. Also boardgames has been developed.

Our third wave (in coming years) enables even more industrial applications in the field of 3D micosopics and colour measurement. Both prototypes are existing. KeepLoop 3D Microsope prototype is according our knowledge the first of a such to create high quality 3D pictures with all existing mobile devices.

KeepLoop visibility:

KeepLoop came well known by joined press release with UPM - noticed widely in different media:

KeepLoop came second in Mobile Monday Germany / Munchen November 2013.

Third prize in Midnigt Pitch Fest Oulu Summer 2013

Find  below several press releases converning KeepLoop:

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Vårt team

Vårt team

Dr., MBA. Jaakko Raukola, Founder, Chairman of the Board

Printing Industry Experience (3 years), 12 Years in VTT, where last 5 years as Vice President of new Business Solutions. Entrepreneur to make new technologies into fast moving business concepts. The inventor of KeepLoop business model. 

Dr. Jukka- Tapani Mäkinen

VTT Senior Researh Scientist. Expert in optoelectronics, lens development and  mechanics- the inventor of KeepLoop mobile Microscope. 

Camilla Vickström

Web-store updates and sales. Shipping deliveries. Marketing materials.

Sales team:

To be hired by valued recruiting office.