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Beatsy is a marketplace for booking Live Electronic Music DJs to rock at your parties.

Vår berättelse

During our years in the Electronic Music scene we've witnessed the massive talent out there. We want to support the talent and push the whole industry forward in any way we can.

Every day we see new artists onboard Beatsy makes us happy and tells us to push even harder. These guys are seriously dedicated and talented, and that shows. We are here for the DJs and producers.

We help you rock the party.

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation

For DJs, getting gigs can be really hard

You are talented. You pour thousands of Euros to buy records. You spend tens of thousands of hours in perfecting your skills. Yet, you don't get rewarded or acknowledged the way you should. You don't earn a living out of doing the thing you love most. 

Oftentimes, when you are an up & coming artist, you either have to play for free or go on hunting after your gig fees. That is wrong, and we at Beatsy are here to help.

For Fans, booking artists is nearly impossible

There are over 50 000 000 Electronic Music fans, who love the music. They love the artists and want to support them in any way they can. They want to party. But in todays streaming world, the only true way to support the artist is going to a gig.

Now we at Beatsy enable just that, but with a tweak. Now, for the first time in the world, Electronic Music fans are able to bring the unique experience of a LIVE performance where they are. Book up & coming artists and bands for Your events.

Besides the DJ, you can book both sound and lights - delivered and installed by professionals. Put on the party shoes and dance until the break of dawn.


There are over 50 000 000 Electronic Music fans in our target markets of FI and US, where we are able to serve nearly 3 500 000 fan hosted private gigs.

Also, there are over 80 000 000 private b2b events that need a DJ to make product launches and other events memorable. We are able to handle about 17 000 000 gigs from the total available. 


Today, there are no other web services that offer talented Electronic Music DJs and Bands for hire as easily as Beatsy does.

As opposed to the traditional event and booking agencies whose offering is narrow and bookings are done manually, we offer a simple, streamlined and transparent platform to book DJs.


Today we reach over 340 000 Electronic Music fans globally, with gigs succesfully deliverd to venues like a 20m2 living room and big industrial warehouses.

Further, our b2b customers are trendy brands that want to stand out from the crowd as well as tech startups who want to throw unforgettable product launch parties for their customers.

What makes us unique

Through Beatsy you are able to find a curated selection of DJs. We are on a mission to be the #1 destination to find qualified, talented DJs and groups that can be booked securely and safely.

Safety in Gig payments

We feel the pain when it comes to paying for gigs. That's why all gigs done through Beatsy are paid in advance. When you want to book an artist, you pay upfront after which Beatsy holds the money in escrow and releases the gig payment to the artist after a succesful show. This way both the booker and the artist can rest assured that the gig will put a smile on everyones face.

The really cool part for the artist is that they get to keep their gig fees in full. Always. 
Beatsy takes a small 15 % service fee from the booker.



Vårt team

Vårt team

We at Beatsy are on a mission to help talented, yet unknown Electronic Music artists get more gigs. We work relentlessly in giving DJs and producers the best possible tools and service to push their career forward and get paid.

Our team has a shared passion for Electronic Music. We are both serial entrepreneurs: Anssi co-founded an Electronic Music publication in 2009 (www.kehto.fi), William co-founded a download store for Electronic Music in 2006 (www.digital-tunes.net) and grew it to profitability.

We are a mixture of tech, business and design (both able to do all areas) with William being mainly responsible for the tech and Anssi focusing on UX/design and business.

Anssi Uimonen
Co-founder, CEO

William Coates
Co-founder, CTO

Laura Immonen
Business Development, US