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Marketplace for tour packages

Wild Planet Tours has created a marketplace enabling the customers to receive multiple tour offers from travel agencies. We are aiming for the stars and need you as our investor.

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Executive summary

Wild Planet Tours has created a marketplace enabling the customers to build their own tour in a unique way, select standard tour packages, inform themselves about cities and attractions, and the most important: receive multiple tour offers from travel agencies.
Wild Planet Tours has the advantage of being the first mover on this market.
We have the technological advantage and aim to get a dominating position on this multi billion dollar market. 

A marketplace for customized package tours

Today the traveler must browse Lonely Planet, National Geographic or buy a travel guide to select the destinations he wishes to visit.
After the selection is done, the customer must  consult numerous travel agencies to find a tour of the right quality and price.
Wild Planet Tours is introducing an innovative way of providing relevant information and multiple tour offers for the travelers, all at one place.

Build your own tour

Wild Planet Tours has created a platform that enables the visitors to select destinations of choice from destinations articles and build their own, custom tour.

Select one of our standard package tours

Wild Planet Tours has selected the best available tours and made it easy for the customer to choose the right tour package

Value proposition for customers

Build your own custom tour.
Pick one of our many standard tour packages.
Receive multiple offers from travel agencies.
Have a complete overview of the travel offers from the agencies.
Communicate with agencies trough our system to adjust the tour packages and secure payment.
Safety and quality are  our highest priorities.

Value proposition for agencies

Forwarding requests to agencies gives them the chance to expand their market share and increase their income.
Smaller agencies have the opportunity to compete with bigger agencies.
Our platform provides a complete tool set for creating itinerary, hotels selection, payment and communication with the customer.

How do we convert?

Our conversion rate is high. From 50 visitors outside India we receive 1 request. This statistic is based on organic traffic from various keywords (conversion rate is higher if the keywords are relevant).
From the relevant keywords like ‘India Tours’, ‘India travel’, we have a low bounce rate of 30-35% and our visitors spend 4-5 minutes on our website.

Upscaling of the concept

We have started with India to develop the platform.
The system is made in a way that allows us to easily make a new front page and include as many other countries as we would like to have in our offer.
The next countries we plan to expand with will most likely be China and Egypt.


The market for customized package tours is several billions per year and experts agree it is a growing one, because more people seek for personalized and unique tours.
Wild Planet Tours takes a fee of 12% of the total value of the tour. An average sale is approximately $350 for Wild Planet Tours in revenue. 
Wild Planet Tours will get the money together with the initial start up fee. Wild Planet Tours has been online for 1½ years and our focus has been on the technical solution. We have had a few sales but are still in early stage. We have proved that our model works as we have several travel agencies working on our platform. 

Sales expectations

From adwords we expect to make 50-100% profit margin. But our main goal is to start up more countries, work more on the back-end, finetune our graphical itentity and create a buzz in media and social networks. 

We expect a turnover in year 2013 at 0,7 million USD and a revenue of 80.000 USD. 

What do we need to expand?

Make the platform more generic.
Add more countries to our tour offer.
Add more content (articles and pictures).

*Team salaries will be given from turnover and not from the investment.

Company structure

The company is currently owned personally By Jonas Jelicic Jacobsen. As soon as the funding is at place a limited Danish partnership company (Aps) will be created within a week. The team will ensure with a help of Invesdor and with a local lawyer that all paperwork will be in order and that Wild Planet Tours will be set up properly before the funds are transferred into the company. 

Options for investors

Maximizing profit margins and keeping the company.
Going public.
Selling the technology, customers and content to a big travel company.

Vårt team

Vårt team

Jonas Jelicic Jacobsen has a long career in Sales and Management in IT and created this concept because of a vision to cover a hole in the market between the flight/hotel/car rental-databases and the tour agencies. Jonas is experienced in various commercial disciplines ranging from Product Management, Marketing, Sales, Key Account Management and Management of Sales departments. Jonas is daily involved in all aspects of development, content, marketing and all other activities of Wild Planet Tours.

Mesut Ayday is a BSc., Computer Science and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School. Mesut was co-founder of Wild Planet Tours but had to withdraw from the daily operation due to increased level of responsibilities in his full time job. Mesut has a role of strategic supervisor and helps with strategic decisions. Mesut has worked with a large range of IT and internet projects for some of the largest companies in Denmark and currently have the responsibility as Program Manager for some of Accentures biggest clients in Denmark.

Ivana Jelicic Jacobsen holds a Bachelor degree in marketing from the University of Belgrade. Ivana is responsible for all the content on Wild Planet Tours and has a deep knowledge of how our system works. She also takes part in selecting the authors, editing the articles, and testing of our system. 

Fahad Zia, Pakistan, holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology. Fahad develops in Drupal, PHP and JavaScript. Fahad has been working on Wild Planet Tours the last 9 months and has a deep understanding of our system.

Ole Gregersen, UX consultant and usability lecturer, at the Danish IT University in Copenhagen. Ole helps us on freelance basis and will use Wild Planet Tours as a case for his students. Ole has a long background working full time for some travel agencies and freelancer and Ole helps with Wild Planet Tours improve our Relevance, Value and Call to Action.  

Wild Planet Tours also works with a large network of freelancers within the areas of design, SEO, Adwords and commercial writing.