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Mobile channel for gathering real feelings

Globalized market, the change of customer behavior and increasing competition require ongoing, instant understanding of the customers and patients feelings and satisfaction as well as relate

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Jarmo Himma noticed, that many companies were doing their business strategies and product develoment knowing too little of the customers need and behaviour. After investigating this problem more carefully and discussing about this with Henry Sveholm, Niko Romanainen and Harri Syrjä we noticed, that it is possible to utilize new smartphone tehnology (ex. QR - code) and web - tehnology in order to solve the problem. iResponse’s experienced and international team decided to build a new solution, which makes it possible to gather this critical information and to utilize it in order to increase turnover and improve operating function in many sectors for ex. in healthcare, e-commerce and trade and service sectors.

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation

The problem we are trying to solve

The change of customer and patient behavior, specially due to social media and increasing competition requires ongoing, instant understanding of the customers and patients (healthcare) real feelings and satisfaction as well as related organizations behaviour.

There is a strong correlation between customer recommendation e.g. in social media and business growth. Net Promoters Score (NPS) gives an general level information, how much is your product or company recommended ?  But this is not enough.  The organization must also gather customers feelings (satisfaction, patients pain level, ideas etc.) from their own customers key multiple channel, in order to know the reasons for satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Our solution

With our new mobile and web - based solutions, which enables users to quickly give feedback with their smartphones, customers are able to manage their day to day customer connection from multible channels and utilize the results immediately in order to improve  related functions.  

Here are some key features:

- in real time, with on-line reporting

- change the content of multiple channels any time

- personnel have possibility to give feedback any time directly from smartphone 

In addition, there is also a correlation between organization satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Therefore, It is also vital to manage the real feelings of personnel on day to day or weekly basis. Not just making a survey for.ex once a year.

The competitive advantage

Our competive advantage is based on good understanding of the customer segements business logic and needs as high tecnical knowhow. We have adapted an agile way of working and doing business.

The market

The market is large and global. We are focusing the Finnish market this year, and expanding to Sweden and China during next year. The sales estimate for the first year is about 200.000 euros. Our business model is scalable according to customers size of business and needs. We have a business model for medium sized companies, which consist of implementation fee, yearly licence fee and monthly fee. For enterprise and larger transaction companies, we offer service based on amount of scanned QR-codes per month and other serices according to agreement. The standard solution (including customer- and HR Pulse) for 100 customers will generate about 1 miljon eur turnover. We are mostly focusing on e-commerce and healthcare customer segments, where we can see large potential. Next year we are expecting to reach 1 miljon eur turnover.

The existing customers

We have signed a co-operation agreement with Egenource Inc. (China). Here are some examples of our customers: Puma Finland Oy, City of Kauniainen, Veho Car Oy (Mercedes and Honda), HIFK (Ice-Hockey Team in Helsinki), HJK (Football team in Helsinki).

The basis of our success is our teams long experience of customers and business needs (e-commerce, HR, healthcare, sport), and strong  experience in technology areas like mobile devices, software, hardware, processors and 3D graphics.

Vårt team

Vårt team



Marko, M.Sc. (Econ.) from University Tampere, Finland and Bachelor of Science from University of Oregon, USA is  international business professional with 20 years of experience in marketing and sales executive roles in Finland, Scandinavia and in Eastern Europe. Dynamic and adaptive business leader with good track record of sales, business development, product marketing, distribution and retail and channel management and strategic planning and execution. During his career Marko has lived in Europe , in U.S. and in Russia where he has established a solid network and understanding of international business collaboration.


Marketing Director

Henry's strength lies in marketing and communication. He is a professional with a view and has a long experience also of different kind of customer organizations. 
In his previous work as a CEO of a marketing communications agency Henry has seen the rapid change of the industry, and how mobile devices and social media have become necessary tools in marketing and communication. His earlier customers include, for example, Suomen Messut, Schneider Electric, Miele, Bridgestone, SLO, Elektroskandia and Anglo Nordic. 



Director / Business development

Growing business possibilities motivates me mostly. I can see also myself as builder  between business life and technology, so that customers can take the benefit of the technology. I have worked over 30 years with marketing and business development in many branches. Participating also with the staregy process work, has given me the comprehensive way of thinking business. I think, that all gives me very good possibilities to lead the product and business develoment of iResponse.   




Partner / Sales Director

Niko, BBA Marketing, is a seasoned, retail business, sales and marketing
executive with a close to 20 years of experiense from building and managing
retail and sales organizations in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.
Niko has extensive experience from retail and industry as well as technology
companies. He was live more than 10 years in foreign countries, (Tallinna, Riga and
in Stockholm)



Director / Technology

Harri Syrjä has long experience of mobile device engineering. Harri has been working in many international companies such as Qualcomm, AMD, Huawei, Intel. He knows the technology from HW to SW and understand the capabilities of the modern mobile phones. His special areas are: Mobile phone SoCs, 3D Graphics, mobile phone performance, mobile phone OSs and he also has very good understanding of smartphone business and how that is developing in next few years. As he has lot of development experience from the devices which iResponse products are based on and he also has insight to future technologies he is valuable person to company for helping products to be aligned with modern mobile phones.



Program developer

Peng Zhang is a project manager and senior software specialist in iResponse. He got his Ph.D degree majored in computer communication in 1999. He has more than ten years working experience of research and software development. He had worked in Nokia for ten years taking various roles in mobile software development and service management. In iResponse, He takes care of the project management and software development of iResponse products.




Program Developer

Aalto University


Johanna takes care of all that comes to graphic- or web design. She has graduated as Bachelor of Media in January 2011, and worked couple of years in an advertising agency before starting at iResponse. She is the one to design visually effective user interfaces and marketing materials, also for iResponse's customers.Graphic Designer, Web Designer



Harry is responsible for our China operations. Harry has 15 years experience in different business sectors in China and 15 years experience in the Finnish business life. His has a lot of important contacts in personal level of top management people in China.   


Partner / China operations



Partner / Sales support

Marketing knowledge in China and Finland



Partner / Sales 

Juha has long experience of making market recearch in trade business. That is an important know - how, what can be utiliced with customer negotitation. In addition of that, Juha has also a lot of contact with different sport organizations for. ex. Ice - hockey and football. We have suceeded to get our customers the leading ice-hockey and football teams in Finland.  

Sport segment expert

Market research professional

25 years of work experience



Sari has a stong experience of financial and strategy management. Look CV below. 


Strategy, financial management

25 years of work experience