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GenieMentor - Where minds team up

Naturally we have different minds, but this could be either, the fuel for a productive innovative team or the hell which burns time, effort and talent. Quick deep understanding for your Team

Vår berättelse

HIT Lab Ltd (Human Information Technology Laboratory) is a business development laboratory. At HIT Lab, we work hard to never stop changing. We never feel limited by technology, economy or universe boundaries. Neither should you.
There is no need to be worried. You can change to stay ahead of the times or expand to realize your goals. Every thing is about the people. TEAM WORK IS THE CORNER STONE. 
Our solutions synchronize both positive psychology and project mangement tools. 

Our aim aim is to get every body enjoy while working, poeple do what they are, appreciate other minds and start to collaborat and innovvate. This is the way we help peole and business to grow hand by hand. 

HIT Lab team

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation

What is GenieMentor?

GenieMentor is an online team productivity platform, which quickly understands people and boosts their collaboration based on cognitive psychology. 

In GenieMentor the mental preferences and talents of individuals are streamlined with organizational needs. It facilitates the building of effective and efficient teams that interplay comfortably and get things done.

How? By making use of psychometric tests, mainly the MBTI model based on Jungian cognitive functions. This test has been enriched by our team and allows us to provide insightful reports, highlight conflicts and weaknesses, offer development tips and advise members, etc.

Each agent in the system is allowed to develop and evolve with two main objectives: (1) To unleash hidden potential where it should be, and (2) to remain comfortable doing so.

While developing this we aim to create a merchantable product without losing sight of our top priorities:

A platform that is pleasantly usable with frequency.
A platform that clearly rewards incremental effort with value.
A platform that provides respectable and measurable returns for discerning business clients.
A platform that enables an ecosystem to grow around it.

The product

The service target two user sets:

  1. Teams – Startups, business teams, committees, support groups, study groups, etc.
  2. Mentors – Investors, specialty experts, tutors, human development coaches, etc.

Project management and team collaboration follow familiar patterns and established norms to make users feel comfortable and “at home”.

  • So this is NOT an entirely new market category.
  • This provides early monetization, user retention, and growth potential.

Alongside, team leaders and members are given psychometric tests and results (based on the widely-known MBTI model) as an added “plus”. These are used by the system to offer advice when possible on task assignment and issue resolution.

  • This is what many leaders feel may be the “missing ingredient” for success.
  • This can be the initial attraction for new customers.

A Mentor Marketplace is provided where teams can reach and invite experts. Mentors can use the tools to reach clients and provide their services. Guidance is integrated with team collaboration without being obtrusive.

  • Each new user adds value to others - and the system is promoted by those who pursue their own interests.
  • There is huge growth potential once the initial circle begins to expand.

Teams not only get the job done, but also develop their collective and individual competencies. The system provides the added benefit of tracking this development.

  • This is necessary for large teams and can grow into enterprise-level packages.
  • If we can build a knowledge base of skills and professionals, this may prove to be very valuable in the near future.

So, simple team management guided by expert mentors and supported by insightful reports. This recipe has the potential to be profitable early on, build loyalty, and grow in several directions. GenieMentor is strategically positioned at the crossroads, facing forward.


  • User attraction - by cognitive evaluation and reports.
  • User retention - by project management and collaboration features.
  • Competition - by providing the benefits of mentorship and competence development.
  • Monetization - by licensing use to small teams in an already powerful market.
  • Viral growth - by the Mentor Marketplace (and related social links) where each new user may invite or attract more users.
  • Exit strategy - by spinning off any of the potential growth lines into a separate entity.

Business model

GenieMentor provides both early monetization and long-term growth.

GenieMentor will be licensed in a flexibly-priced Software-as-a-Service model. Target customers are enterprises, small to medium teams including also startups, corporate departments, official committees, etc.

Within the platform will  create a marketpalce for Mentors and Coaches, they can offer their services to the users through the platform and they will pay a certain percentage of the deals.

Additional monetization mechanisms can proceed with expansion into new services: Individual development services, corporate human capital solutions, etc. The direction will be dictated by market response and users feedback, which we take very seriously.

Market size

GenieMentor is poised to enter the market of online business productivity tools, specifically that for team collaboration applications. The Mentor Marketplace can compete in the outsourcing industry (which is largely focused now on IT services). The cognitive development benefits can also attract customers from the self-improvement market.

The Self-improvement (SI) market used to exist for many decades, but it has started to grow from the end of 2001. It was natural that large portion of this market belongs to the United States, as the crisis started there and affected it mostly. However, other countries like India, Indonesia, Singapore and China share the same industry with large portions.

In 2004 the market volume for SI products was $8.56 billion, excluding weight loss, exercises, and stress management products; the value of the market was $5.7 billion. In 2005 the market size increased to $9.6 billion dollars, in 2008 it reaches approximately $11 billion dollars. The latest statistics refer to 13.9 billion dollars investment in 2012. 

Current status

Novogenie.me (beta) is the precursor of GenieMentor.com. It was launched online on the 6th October 2012, only in English and without marketing beyond "word of mouth" it gained the following results:

  • 6000+ visits.
  • 45+ countries.
  • 28.000+ page views.
  • 50% return visits.
  • 7 minutes is the average duration/visit.
  • 800+ active users.

A novelty study has been done by patiq.com and confirmed the eligibility to patent registration.

Professor Vesa Routamaa , from Vaasa University - Finland consider it as the first of its kind in the market and will change the quality and quantity of innovation and radically change the efficiency of team productivity.

Hit Lab Ltd. was selected to join the finnable project http://www.finnable.fi/partners-copy.html and join over 25 international members as Universities, research institutes and companies e.g Stanford research institutes, Stanford University, Elisa Oyj, Nokia Oyj and Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

Details are available for download.

ATTENTION! Investing in our company through Invesdor cowdfunding platform you argree on the terms of our Sharholder Agreement attached. Please and download, sign, scan and send the signed scanned agreement to [email protected] Thank you in advance for your interest in our company and your investment.

Vårt team

Vårt team

The core team is composed of seasoned and experienced professionals and entrepreneurs (by clicking the name you will get to their Linkedin profile for more information of each person):

Ahmed Shalaby,COO Founder,  – Ph. D. Heart surgeon and Entrepreneur.

Gian Luca Cioletti, CEO -Co Founder, – B. Sc., B. Mkg. Experienced professional and Entrepreneur, Business Angel, Investor and Coach.

Sameh El-Atway  CKO -Co Founder,  staunch advocate of Knowledge Management and Emergent Management, Solution Architect.

Maher El-Atway CTO- Co Founder, UI expert .

Santiago Velasquez, CFO – Researcher and Lecturer at Tampere University of Technology.

The advisory board:

Jaakko Barsk, Board Advisor – Experienced professional and Entrepreneur.

Marianne T. Poulsen, Board Advisor –  Head of European Office at SRI International.

Prof. Vesa Routamaa, Board Advisor –  Professor at the University of Vaasa, LEADEC Leadership Development Center Ltd.