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Advanced-Mobile Marketing&Analysis (1-Day)

We are reshaping the mobile marketing world, with a fresh approach to consumer targeting.

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The problem; if you are a grocery manufacturer or retailer, there is a limited amout of information you can get from legacy analysis providers who have low quality analysis at a very high price.

The retail analysis business is massive (14B€ Europe), and so is the mobile retail marketing business (8B€). This is a massive opportunity.

We come from a digital business analysis background and wanted to apply our expertise in service design and data analysis to the problem of retail consumer analysis.


Last year we noticed that grocery shopping was a highly non-optimal process. Consumers would often miss offers due to persistently shopping in a single outlet. It seemed obvious to me that this was distinctly odd, as retail chains are often co-located!

We performed an analysis, whereby we standardised our shopping lists on a weekly basis, gathered all price information from the three largest grocery stores, then we compared how the cheapest one-store option compared to the optimized multi-store option. 

We were pleased to see that the saving was in the region of 25% on weekly groceries!

This is the hook that keeps users on our service, when they regularly use our service, we get the best behavioural and future demand data possible.


We then architected a service, built it into an easy to use App, and approached industry customers. Offering high end analysis of consumer behaviour, and presented the marketing opportunity.

We secured customer contracts for the analysis and marketing, and proceeded to find funding, hire more developers and build Avansera for real.

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Avansera is reshaping the mobile digital marketing world, our technology and tools allow advertisers target consumers with exact precision. The result, is more effective ads, more consumer engagement and overall a better understanding or your customers and your market. 

Advertisers hate to waste valuable time engaging with consumers, our tools and technologies provide a no-waste approach to advertising on mobile.

We established in January 2013, and initially funded by a  private Angel and Reaktor. Since then we have built the Deep Dive industry analysis tool, Campaign Manager marketing engine and the Ostosnero (GeniusShopper) mobile service.

Avansera delivers advanced tools to improve visibility, targeted digital marketing and supply chain processes in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector.

Avansera provides real-time consumer behavioral and product performance analytics in brick-and-mortar retail environments, across all chains and geographical locations. We provide the best and most effective targeted digital marketing platform, Ostosnero (GeniusShopper), to communicate prices, availability, offers and product and store information to profiled consumers.

Our enterprise tools provide ways to convert analytics into active marketing campaigns to increase sales and improve customer retention.


We sell our advanced tools and services to food industry producers and retailers on a subscription basis. As our service is purely digital, we can maintain high margins while disrupting our establishes competition.

Yearly per-customer revenue is targetted at 40-100 k€ consisting of;

Tool Subscription

1000€  - 5000€ per month (for 1 to 100 marketing managers)

Priority Search Ranking for Product Catalogs 

500€ per month

Gain Share & Impression

1000€ per month

White Lable Consumer App 

1000€ per month

Premium Consumer & Paid Productivity Apps @ 14.99€ per app

1.2% of user base targeted for premium app purchase.



The funding round will be done in two stages:

In stage 1 we will raise minimum of 50.000€ with special discounted valuation of 900.000 €. Stage 1 round will be open for one day only from 8:00am-23:59pm (GMT+2) on November 20th, the day of the pitch at PitchHelsinki event. 

Stage 2 will start on November 21st, the day after our on-stage pitch. We will be raising minimum of 150.000€ with a valuation of 1.2 million €. Stage 2 will last for 30 days and will end on December 20th 2014.

This offer gives you a 25% benefit if you subscribe on the first stage.

To purchase our Class A shares, please follow the instructions on the Invesdor service and download the Invesdor Equity Crowdfunding SHA document, which is included below. In order to become a shareholder of Avansera, you need to sign the SHA, scan it and send it to Avansera CEO Cormac Walsh at: [email protected]

We are offering Class A shares in this funding round.

The Company has two share series; A and B shares (unofficial translation):
“4§ The Company's shares are divided into two classes of shares, Class A shares and Class B shares. Class A shares and Class B shares carry equal rights under the Companies Act, unless otherwise stated in the Articles of Association.
5§ At the allocation of the company's assets in a situation where the company is set into liquidation process, bankruptcy or upon the dismantling of the company, each Series B-share shall be distributed, prior to the distribution to the Series A-shares, the greater of the following: (i) the equivalent of the subscription price paid for the Series B-shares (added with decided upon but unpaid dividends), or (ii) the amount distributable to the Series B-shares, if the distributable portions would be equally distributed amongst all of the company's shares. If, after the aforementioned, there remain funds to be distributed to the Series A-shares, the funds will be equally distributed between all of the company's Series A-shares.”

Vårt team

Vårt team

Core Team Member #1

Cormac Walsh, CEO

I want to take the marketing & consumer analysis business' into the 21st century. Consumers are rapidly moving to a fully mobile experience, yet legacy analysis companies, such as Nielsen, TNS, etc. have been very slow to act. This presents a massive opportunity, that I cant turn down.

I am a very strong leader, with great communications skills, I enjoy taking complex problems and distilling them into easy to understand parts. Planning, execution and flexibility are the cornerstones of my approach.

[email protected]


Over 18 years business analysis, business modeling, consumer acquisition and service development experience. 3 years app architecture, HTML5, iOS, Android and WP.


Core Team Member #2

Mikko Tuominen CTO

I come from a background of consumer value and savings apps, I know that users like to share their saving intelligence with each other, so I wanted to apply this experience to Avanseras business case.

I love to create new services for B2B and B2C, my strong background in coding, DB and service architecture give me the best possible grounds for building on. I am an experienced entrepreneur and technical team leader, able to build a vision into a product.

[email protected]


15 years web service development. 5 years iOS and Android app development. Java, SQL, HTML, etc..