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Eco-friendly innovation for greener golf courses

Join ACEMA with ENVIRONMENT DEED to bring w.w. markets full range of li-ion battery powered electric & electronic silent, eco-friendly, cleantech, multi-job, Built-To-Last with Life-Time-Care

Vår berättelse

The founder-CEO of Acema, Mauno Keski-Luopa, has a strong experience in international machinery business because of the years work in Upo and Valmet + international experience witk Volvo SE, Ford UK, Ford USA, EY&T/Automatic (electric) Lift Truck Div. USA. This has brought him a wide knowledge in the different technology solutions, to discover new opportunities, make innovations to meet clients current and future, even still hidden, requirements and how to become the key player in the global markets. 

When founding Acema, Mauno and his team wanted to develop a technology based solution for the needs that have not been solved yet. They just had to find the right need with the highest possible potential, and by accident, they got involved with a current golf course maintenance machineries. This was the opportunity they had been looking after, and so began the innovation and development process that lead into current Acema holistic solution for golf course maintenance, which coincided  with starting of discussions of global warming caused by air pollutions.

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation

Tämän yrityksen kuvaus löytyy suomeksi sivun alalaidasta löytyvistä liitteistä.

"When Mauno gets his equipment in the United States it will cause a change in turf maintenance that is the equivalent to Automatic irrigation from Quick Couplers. I have been priviledged to see just a portion of what he has to offer and it is earth shattering!" -Matt Shaffer, Director, Golf Operations, Merion Golf Club (US Open 2013), Pennsylvania, USA wrote in Linkedin.

Acema's aim is to improve and ease the maintenance of golf courses with its fore-runner innovations of maintenance machines. The solutions have been developed together with over 100 golf courses & hundreds of golf course maintenance professional. The systems have been tested by these golf courses both in Europe and discussed and presented with top ranking golf courses in the USA. It included trade shows in Europe and USA. Added with over 40 000 km travel in EU with mobile home and Pre-Acema inside the trailer on demo and test shows on golf courses for invited nearby golf course professionasl. Based on these experiences and contacts, the new ACEMA-concept was developed. ACEMA´s were ready for the actual market launch, after building up the relations with international decision makers in golf industry.

This new, revolutionizing system for golf course maintenance is based on Built-To-Last, nil emission, reliable electric/electronic li-ion battery, servo motor and planetary gear power system, instead of conventional polluting combustion engines powered systems. The use of li-ion battery power, electric drive system with electronic control and patent bending silent clippings collection and electronic cutting height selection and control enables mowing ig. greens, collar and Tées on one sweep. The upkeep of golf courses during the night time is possible with the silent machines. This and selection of quick interchange of implements and possibility of simultaneous multi implement work, furthermore, improves the utilization rate of machines and golf courses. It also pleases players and golf course neighbours when there is no noise pollution in the area. Li-ion is also eco-friendly solution when there is no need of using fuel, oil and liquid in the machines.

Market potential and revenue model:

Acema's target market includes all those 45 000-50 000 golf clubs around the world, 50% of which are located in the USA. These courses buy  lawn mowers worth over 2 bn eur each year. This market will double after Acema's market entry of the new Acema Smart Machines Turf Care systems, which enable also other maintenance activities in the course than just lawn mowing. Acema's target is to gain 15-20% of market share in golf course maintenance by year 2025 - this would mean 250.000.000,00-300.000.000,00 eur turnover in total, with profit of 10% or more. The revenue model is based on Acema´s Life-Time-Care service provider system with remote wireless diagnoses, collection of work data and leasing using once-a-month billing. This is enabled by the mobile application developed based on wireless digital remote, world wide communication and 2-way data transfer as the result of ACEMA´s "Digi-Era Is Here!" fore-runner innovations.

At the moment, there are 3 manufacturers in the golf course lawn mowing machine business in the USA. These players have 90% of w.w. market share all together. In addition to this, there are 2 more competitors in Japan. All these current service and machine providers are using the old technology instead of full range of machines with electronics and electric li-ion battery power. Moreover, they can only offer machines for mowing, instead of holistic golf course maintenance. This gives a huge competitive advantage for Acema.


Acema's key competitive advantages:

  • The only player in the markets that uses in all range of machines the new technology based on electronics and electric li-ion battery power 
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • The utilization rate of courses raise, since the upkeep can be done during the night-time. This is enabled by the silent machines. This further improves the customer satisfaction and profits of courses.
  • The utilization rate of machines raise by using quick interchange implements, which can be placed in front, under, along sides, at rear and above, whereby even multiple jobs can be performed at one sweep
  • Battery working life of 5-7 years can be reached at single shift work and daily charge, which can be extended to 24 hours daily operating time with built in quick battery pack change system. This also mean lighter battery weight and together with Acema´s increased number of wheels over competitors designs mean in turns low wheel loading and less ground compaction requiring less aeration of golf courses
  • Revenue model is based on Life-Time-Care service provider system with working data collection, leasing and once-a-month billing
  • Easy-to-use -machines, one machine enables the holistic environment maintenance of the golf course, instead of only mowing
  • Highly experienced, international team with wide network
  • The solution can be applied also to other environment maintenance/mobile applications, or used as a base for the other machines
Vårt team

Vårt team

The team behind this innovation has both long-term technology knowledge, and access to the right network in the golf industry and direct years long contacts to top level components and technology suppliers around the world. The primary market being the USA, Mauno Keski-Luopa has all the key industry decision makers in his network, incuding Matthew Shaffer who hosted the US Open 2013 in his Merion Golf Club in Philadelphia, USA.

More detailed information about the team:

Mauno Keski-Luopa

Full time Chairman of Board – President with daily active responsibilities for new technologies and innovations, international market penetrations and marketing & services and outsourcing plus netwok building.

Automotive Engineer from TTO currently University of Applied Science  Tampere, University of Tampere Masters Degree with business administration and industrial sociology,  studies of business administration with University of Kansas, Kansas City,Mo USA and  Helsinki School of Ecomomics  Helsinki Finland etc. Doctoral studies at Lahti University Center by starting up the theses: ”SME Engineering Company Technology Leap and Innovation Process”, whereby fruits are used at the  ACEMA –concept patent bending range of lithium-ion battery powered fully electronic and electric range golf course maintenance machines and turf care systems with eco-friendly, energy savings, nil service and silent machines = the environment saving and sustainability resulting to ”GREEN” GOLF COURSES.

International working experiences with Volvo Sweden,  Ford UK, Ford  and Eaton Yale & Towne / Automatic Electric Lift Truck Div. in USA.

 Internationally oriented working experinces with Valmet Materials Handling Div. Tampere (currently Cargotec) as export  engineer, export manager, marketing manager, vice general manager, Upo Plastics (currently Uponor) marketing manager, Starckjohann Telko (currently BE-Group) director of steel, metals and steel service group, Lönnström Materials Handling as vice-president, chairman of board  /  founder –entreprepreneur  to supply  sub-contracted parts and semi-products  and components to Finnish engineering export companies using high technology production equipment. It also included import of high technology automated production machines and systems. The first in the world lithium-ion battery powered golf course maintenance machines were designed, developed, produced and sold, which included fore-runner leap-up technologies and innovation process.

Speaks and writes in Finnish; Swedish, English and German, which have been actively used in international businesses throughout Europe, North, South and Central America (45 states covered in USA), Africa, Middle East, Asia  and Australia, which meant over 200 annual working days abroard.

Mika Keski-Luopa

Managing Director  and Board Member with special responsibilities on mechanical 3D designs, outsourcing and network building, production, SOME-development and internet marketing, sales etc  cross company functions.

Engineering studies with Universities of Applied Sciences at HAMK and TAMK. 3D studies to work with AutoDesk 3D, because US-company AutoDesk selected our company   to  "Cleantech Company”, whereby AutoDesk supplied us   € 50 000 worth of AutoDesk 3D licenses free of charge. Marketing Institute with marketing , sales and administration, on going MBA-study at University of Jyväskylä.

Entrepreunal like working and team building with experiences with advanced machines and technologies to supply  sub-contracted parts, semi-products and components  to Finnish major export engineering companies of materials handling, mobile working machines. It also includes management position since year 2005 as managing director on developing and starting -up of lithium-ion powered  mobile working machines for golf maintenace and turf care, the first one in the world  followed with PRE- ACEMA-concept patent bending range of machines.

Annu Keski-Luopa

Currently member of the Advisor Board.

Msc. degree from Tampere University of Technology in the field of Industrial Engineering, and Msc. degree from Tampere University in the field of Business Administration. Studiesof Business Law from Tampere University. Fluent in Finnish and English, which has been actively in international businesses. Also basic skills in Swedish, German, French and Spanish languages.

Wide international experince including career in an USA based company (Accenture) and Netherland based company (BlueCielo ECM Solutions). Working experince in several countries: USA, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Greece and Germany.

Project Management and Management Consulting professional with long experience especially in complex IT-projects. Also experinced in Sales, Contract Negotiations and Team Leading.

Jukka Keski-Luopa

Solutions Architect and a Board Member. Jukka makes key technical decisions regarding to software systems and oversees execution of software development projects from a technical point of view to assure a good quality result. Provides know-how especially in the areas of requirements analysis, architecture, design and quality assurance of software systems.

Jukka has a master's degree from Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays Aalto University). His major was software systems and minor was telecommunications software. Furthermore, he also has a great overall hands-on experience in software industry as he has acted in many different roles in numerous software development projects during the past 14 years. Among other things he has been in the role of architect, software developer, requirements analyst and project manager during his career.

Leila Keski-Luopa

MSc. and Doctoral Research:The School of Social Sciences, Tampere University,

Professional Psychoanalyst trainer and educator: The Therapeia Society, belonging to the International Federation of Pyschoanalytic Society, (IFPS) and Suomen ryhmäpsykoterapia, belonging to the Association of International Group Psychotherapy, (AIGP), both in Finland.

Organisation Consult: An Organisation Dynamics of Finland (FINOD)

Professional Specialist in Development of Educator Schooling: The Society for Work Consultation in Finland

Decades of private consulting in psychotherapy, and workgroup-, team- and leadership consultancy.

Board member and active professional and participate in management team on personal, leadership, education, work consultancy, team building and mentoring.

Speaks and reads Finnish (native), English, German and Swedish languages.

Markku Koponen

Msc degree on Building Engineering; building economies , management and physics, Oulu University. Added on foreign education at University of Technology Braunschweig Germany.

Speaks Finnish (native) Enlish, German and Swedish languages.

Years of experience in international business including working and living in Singapore and Germany with management position resonsibility to open new markets, building up sales networks and starting-up sales in Asia and Europe and active participation in sales of products made in Finland. Top management positions in Finland with export oriented businesses including CEO-level position.

Advisor Board member in advisory position in building Acema´s marketing, sales and service provider businesses.

Pauli Toivanen

Graduated engineer from TTO (curently University of Applied Sciences) Tampere on machine construction and design.

Decades of experience with train construction management, patented innovations on machines and equipment, management position in domestic and international outsourcing and purchasing of subcontracted products and items including high technology products and equipment.

Speaks Finnish (native), English, Swedish and german.

Advisor Board position in building up Acema´s outsourcing and high technology components purchace systems including purchase, network and subcontracting agreements and advising and innovating in machine engineering and service provider system building.

Antti Peltoniemi; Suomen Golfliitto ry.n puheenjohtaja, European Golf Association President

Decades of international business and succesful etrepreneurial experience in staring up building construction company constructing among other golf courses.

Advisor Board member, whereby he brings his long business experience, golf construction knowledge and golf experience and broad contact network with him.

Matt Shaffer

PennState University graduate in golf course maintenance and turf care.

Decades of experience in top management position in golf course building, maintenance, golf operations at world´s top ranking golf clubs including current positionsince over 10 years as Director, Golf Operation at Merion Golf Club in outskirts of Philadelphia Pa USA. Responsibility for the success of US Open 2013 tournament played in June at Merion Golf Club, which has no. 8th ranking world wide among 50.000 golf clubs.

See Linkedin and google "matt shaffer merion" for more information.

Advisor Board member to give advise in building up Acema´s North American operations and being participant in the future development of golf course maintenace and turf care world wide.

Tuula Tammela

Responsibilities of office administration including export & import,  marketing & sales communications and paper work world wide part time according to needs.

Graduate of Finnish Commercial Institute on marketing plus add-on education in business administration, accounting and languages in special courses in commercial Swedish and German  over English. Fluent Finnish,English, Swedish and German  languages.

International experience working in USA and Sweden.

Management secretarial and marketing responsibities with UPO Engineering, Tooler and KWH Pipe Technology and accounting leading to office managers postion, which continued working with Pre-Acema  lithium-ion battery powered  electric and electronic range of machines to world wide markets.

Esa Linna

Msc (Econ), Helsinki School of Economics.

Mtv3, Head of Section, Media and Market research.

International Labour Organisation, Associate Expert in Management Development of Small and Medium Size Companies, Control and Support Officer for Projects of Technical Co-operatio; Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, Lima, Peru.

The Finnish Foreign Trade Association

Export Counselor Agroindustries, Forest technology, Foodstuffs > Area Head, Latin America, Export Counselor.

Union Bank of Finland Ltd > Merita Bank Ltd > MeritaNordbanken Group > Nordea Group

Area Manager; Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latin America > Vice President & Area Manager; Latin America, Middle East, Africa, spain, Portugal > vice President & Area Manager; Latin america, Africa South of sahar > Finacila Institution, emerging Market, Vice President, Area Manager & business Coordinator, Latin America, Emerging Markets, Vice President, head of Business Management in Finland, Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager, Emerging Markets, Asia.

Knowledge of languages: Finnish (native), Swedish, english, Spanish, Potuguese.

high School Year in Dallas Tx USa with years long contact with US family, which are actively involved and managing at Board level on top level Dallas Country Clubs including Golf Courses and Clubs. There are over golf Clubs in Greater Dallas,Tx USA.

Advisor Board membership advising in banking, finanacing and international businesses, knowledge and contacts in Emerging Markets, Middle East, Asia, South Europe, Latin America and South USA, helped by years of living expierence in many areas and speking of fluently 5 languages.

Ilkka Kaivosoja


Years of exeperience on golf course maintenace and turf care  by years of Golf Course Field Consult with Finnish golf Union, responsible as Golf Course Superintendents working in 5 high ranking Golf Courses including rennovation and improvement job, Project Manager in building the new Tapiola Golf Course and continued as Head Golf Course Superintendent of Tapiola Golf.

Advisor Board member in position to advise and work as specialist experienced team member in developing the new golf course maintenance and especilly with fore-runner new multijob turf care machines.