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Tespack - (Not Luggage....Travelling Instruments)

Tespack combines renewable energy and technology with outdoor equipment; we provide outdoor enthusiasts with easy access to solar energy. Our current portfolio concentrates on solar backpacks

Vår berättelse

Mario Aguilera, the founder and the brains behind Tespack Ltd., used to be the co-director at an electronic designing company called Electriel that specialized in energy regulators. After leaving Electriel, he designed the Tespack concept from scratch; the designs and practicality are all the result of his input and work. The name Tespack was chosen in honor of the inventor Nikola Tesla.

Growing up in the army in Bolivia and belonging to a special forces unit in South America, Mario understood the importance of having portable electricity when on deployment. Staying true to his values, Mario decided to use solar energy to reduce the user’s carbon footprint.

He realized that the current outdoors market did not have a solution for portable solar energy in a practical, easy-to-use form. Using his military background, he designed a series of backpacks in order to be practical, durable, good-looking and appealing to a wide array of markets. Tespack entered the market in June of 2013 and was met with immense excitement from the market. Now, two months in, this excitement is spreading like a wildfire.

Vår affärs- och marknadssituation

Tespack combines renewable energy and technology with outdoor equipment. Our solar backpacks provide outdoor enthusiasts with easy access to solar energy. This enables people to reduce their CO2 emissions and to save money by using portable off-grid electricity to meet their outdoor needs.

The current outdoors market accounts to almost 16.5 billion euros. Tespack’s products are targeteted primarily to outdoors and cycling markets and renewable energy suppliers.

We have finished developing and started commercializing five product lines. Each product line is the first of its kind in the world. All our products are design-protected and made in the European Union with high-quality fabrics. Our concept of one panel fitting several backpacks means that when you buy a backpack, you can use the panel in another backpack for a different discipline or sport. In addition to our current portfolio of solar backpacks, we are also continuously developing new exciting products. Our current product ranges are:

  • three different types of solar backpacks for professional climbing
  • the most lightweight solar backpacks in the world
  • solar saddle bags for cycling
  • solar fishing backpacks
  • solar backpacks with elliptical and circular shapes integrated in the designs.

Tespack has been in development since January 2013. We entered the market on June 6th, only two months ago, by launching the “Go green, Go Solar, Go Tespack” campaign. In these two months we have already reached some exciting milestones, which we have detailed for you below.

Achievements so far


  • Contracts signed with one distributor (Ecopasion in Spain) with a 10.000 euro minimum purchase agreement.
  • In negotiations with Prisma, Motonet and Hong Kong.
  • In negotiations with more than 50 other potential distributors worldwide.


  • Participation in the world’s largest outdoor exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany in July 2013 was a huge success: we reached more than 300 potential customers and several potential distributors. Adidas and Wenger also expressed interest in collaborating with us.
  • More than 7.000.000 visits to Tespack.com within two months.
  • Sponsoring German climber and adventurer Martin Szwed, who uses and tests our solar backpacks in extreme conditions and environments. It is also worth mentioning that Martin’s clothing is currently sponsored by Adidas, which is good for the visibility of our products. For more about Martin Szwed, please visit http://tespack.com/Ambassador.html or His Professional Site
  • Articles in Daily Fusion (US), Mobile Benchmark (Serbia), Arctic Startup (Finland), Kalastus.net (Finland), Crunchwear and more on the way. Read them here: Daily Fusion, Mobile Benchmark, Arctic Startup, Kalastus.com, Crunchwear.

Please have a look at the attachments for documents including our detailed business plan and product catalogue.


Vårt team

Vårt team


Our management team is a combination of proffessionals with different backgrounds and expertise. We have an international team of people working with us around the world.


Our management team consists of three people.

Mario Aguilera is the key founder and the CEO of the company.

Mario Aguilera is the CEO at Tespack ltd. He has previously worked as a Co-Director at Electriel oy; a company specialising in energy regulators for wind turbines and solar panels. He has more than 7 years of experience in international trade and business as well as deep knowledge in British, South American and Asian markets. He has previoulsy worked in the Bolivian Embassy in London as a mediator in the negotiations between Bolivian and European governments. Mr Aguilera has degrees in Economics, International Business, IT and military sciences.

Is the CAO at Tespack ltd and is managing the Administration, Personnel and Financials. Caritta has expertise in international relations, public diplomacy, renewable energy and translations. She has a degree in International Politics and Affairs from London South Bank University and has also won awards in her field of study. Caritta has previously worked in the Embassy of Finland in Serbia and written analyses for the Finnish Government regarding the renewable energy situation in South America.

Is the Sales Manager at Tespack ltd and has extensive experience in sales, stock broking, trading and in the commodities sector. Luis has a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Previous work experience include working at Bolten Price International and Global Intelligence Agency.


Our Tespack team currently consists of 8 people around the world:

- Sales Representative/Intern (Finland)

- Two Sales Agents (UK & Serbia) Sergio Del Rio Linkedin

- Contacts in China, Chile and Bolivia

For more info with regards to our team please look here: Tespack Distributor Chanels

In addition, we also work in cooperation with professionals and experts around the world in order to develop our products further.