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Runteq Ltd opens a new era in sports technology by introducing a ground-braking analysis and education product for recreational runners. The solution is rapidly gathering strong global intere

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Runteq Oy Ltd develops and sells a unique sports performance measuring and analysing solution. The first product has been developed for running sports and its sales has started during early 2013.

The product (RunLabTM) consists of:

  • wireless motion sensors
  • a smartphone and an app
  • a cloud service

A runner wears the sensors, does running and checks the analysis results in his/her personal web service. In addition, the runner may also have Personal Trainer's or coach's instructions included.

For runners, the analysis gives valuable information. It 

  • evaluates the level of running technique
  • opens opportunity to monitor progress and changes in running technique and skills
  • gives access to personal instructions on how to improve running technique
  • provides advices to avoid injuries and run faster


The popularity of running is at its all-time high and still growing. The number of European runners exceeds 80 million.The consumer market for personal well-being, fitness and sports monitoring products is growing rapidly. New sensor solutions and smartphone apps attract people to know more about their training and progress towards their goals.

Running is one of the easiest and most popular ways to stay fit. However, running is also high impact sport that causes unacceptable number of overuse injuries.  


Our customers are:

  • Runners of all levels
  • Individual running coaches, running schools and communities
  • Health and fitness centers
  • Sports doctors and physiotherapists
  • Testing and research organizations
  • Branded sports device manufacturers.


The product has a unique set of features and it has no immediate competitors. There are no other products in consumer market that provide similar information. The product makes it possible to learn better running technique either together with a coach and/or independently. 

While compared to existing solution like video analysis/capture or a coach:

  • it provides objective, easily understandable and accurate information  
  • it gives personal advice based on the result of the running analysis
  • it works indoors and outdoors - on any surface
  • it supports individual excercises 
  • it is affordable – its price is only a fraction of comparable solutions



Our business model is to sell our service to runners (consumers) through sports facilitators with a subscription model. 

Currently, the running sensors are leased to the sports facilitators, who can utilize them with their coachees. Later, the runners will purchase their own sensors. The running analysis is always available for the runner directly in Runteq's RunLab web service.


We are glad to work with our experienced advisor team: 

  • Mr Matti Jääskeläinen, a Finnish marathon school guru, exercise physiologist at Testing and Fitness Research Center (TesKu), Tampere, Finland.
  • Dr Timo Vuorimaa, principal lecturer at HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences.

We are making research co-operation with the following organizations:

  • Tampere University of Technology
  • University of Jyväskylä
  • Sportpolis/Haaga-Helia  University of Applied Sciencies
  • Testing and Fitness Research Center (TesKu), Tampere
  • Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin, Ireland


We expect to close several deals with coach customers during 3Q2013 in Finland and internationally. The current customers include: 

- Elixia Kaleva, Tampere
- Kuntopaikka HH Oy, Pori
- Kauri Lindström, Tampere
- JSport, Ylöjärvi

Vårt team

Vårt team

Juha Rämälä, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and Chief Software Architect. 
Juha has Master's degree in Computer Science from Tampere University of Technology and minor in Industrial Economy. He has worked for ten years in various software development projects at Nokia Corporation both as a developer and in product management positions. Juha loves mountain biking and organize MTB courses.

Risto Jurva, Chief Marketing Officer
Risto has Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering from University of Oulu. He has worked for 20 years in several assignments globally in customer delivery projects related to radio networks. In the recent years, Risto have been responsible of services and SW business development, marketing & sales and project management. He is currently studying Master's Degree of Well-being Technology in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Risto is enthusiastic horse rider.

Juho Blankenstein, Chief Technology Officer 
Juho is a M.Sc. student in Tampere University of Technology with major in Signal Processing and minors in Industrial Economy and Information Security. Juho's interests are ubiquitous technology, usability and sports. 

Tommi Ojala, Founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief Innovation Officer.
Tommi has Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Tampere University of Technology with major in Signal Processing. He has worked for 15 years in various advanced technology projects and ventures in project and product management positions at Nokia Corporation. Tommi loves orienteerering and running. 

Runteq team masters in wide-range of technologies, including mobile and web, product concepting, algorithm design, signal processing and software development. Our team is a great mixture of experienced technology expertise and young talent.

The team has implemented RunLab service product from a concept to a product in one year. It is working with in a agile way and it has sound product and business orientation. We want to make great value for our customers and write a new chapter into sports and health technology.