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Audrey - first real identity online dating service

Audrey is the worlds first real identity online dating service. With Audrey the dating game is not a faking game. A real person behind every profile means no wasted time with fake profiles. A

Our story

The idea of Audrey, the first real identity dating service started with our female co-founders Tuija Riekkinen and Tiina Laiho.

Both single and frustrated with current online dating sites they Initially considered the idea of writing a book about their dating experiences, but after talking to their single friends, they realised that finding love through conventional methods was, in fact, a universal problem. The time was ripe to rewrite the rules of online dating and Audrey was born! 

Our business & market situation

A new approach to online dating

Audrey is created and run by real women who are actually dating. We know what is important for daters, because we date. In a way, we created Audrey for ourselves, and while doing that, we fixed plenty of things we disliked about other sites and services. For example, on our homepage you'll never see "happy kiss kiss kiss" photos - how does that improve your online dating experience anyway?

We wanted a simple, user-friendly service that we could trust, where the dating game is never a faking game. Trust is what builds great relationships and that is what we believe in.


Taking the stress out of the actual date, because now you can be sure the person is real

If you have used online dating services you know that you NEVER can be sure if the person behind the profile is real or fake …. until you meet for real ! This is a HUGE problem. Think about it, would you ever meet a person commenting in a discussion forum under "HappyDude81"?  In online dating you do!

With Audrey, we rewrite the rules of internet dating by introducing a service with real people, NO fakes, so unlike the competitors, we actually run smart validation on every member’s identity. 

Audrey is created by women, breaking with the male industry.


Market size and opportunity

With 2B USD in the USA alone, the online dating market is huge and growing. At the same time the market for scammers is growing too. BBC reports that victims of web dating scams lose thousands of pounds, with more than 200,000 daters in the UK alone who may have fallen victim to criminals.

The opportunity is huge: we are introducing a totally new category in the dating market. In fact prior our launch a Google search for "real identity online dating" gave zero results! 

Our smart validation engine is unique by it self, through smart formulas and profile analysis we build up intelligence about detecting fake facebook profiles. We believe that we can bring our smart validation engine to many industries.


Bringing real identity to online daters since 1 May 2013

We are over 3 months in business, see daily growth and have already been featured in Ilta-Sanomat, Olivia, City.net, blogs and pretty much every local newspaper in Finland! 

Feedback from users and journalists has been extremely positive and encourages us to bring real identity online dating to the rest of the world! 

Our team

Our team

Tiina Laiho, CEO

Building and growing businesses is what I live for. I have worked with marketing & sales and business development over 20 years. I have been involved with internet businesses since the early days and seen how the industry is growing and changing constantly the way we behave. Online dating services are mostly outdated and not functioning from the users point of view. We believe that dating is sensitive and something very close to your heart and should be treated as such. 



Tuija Riekkinen, Chief Product Owner

I’m passionate and experienced online service design professional from Helsinki, Finland. I have been in this business for over 15 years. I have seen the industry growing and changing and it makes more sense today than it ever has. So, why the online dating services still live the Internet as it was still the late 90ies? Why the online dating service ads are designed like singles were idiots? I seriously don’t understand, but who cares, we will fix it with my amazing colleagues at Trustability Inc. Just wait!



Timo Kuisma, CTO

I'm a seasoned IT professional with almost 20 years of experience designing and developing customized enterprise solutions for clients in media and mobile industry. With Audrey, I finally have the opportunity to be involved in building a service for consumers in a category that is also close to my heart.



Michiel Maandag, CMO

I am an international brand and product marketing guy with corporate and entrepreneurial experience. I have lived and worked in The Netherlands, USA and Finland. The excitement of building a totally new category in online dating and doing it in a totally new and unique way is what gets me going. 



Mark Bryan, servers and infra 

IT enthusiast with over 10 years’ experience in both the Financial and IT sectors. Has solid experience as a hardware/Software Integration manager, Linux Engineer, Hardware engineer and IT service manager for one of the worlds largest app stores supporting 100+ million users. Now manages, builds and maintains Audrey server infrastructure.



Tapio Heiskanen, front-end developer

I’m enthusiastic web-developer from Helsinki. Despite my young age, I have developed web-applications for several years. I’m always targeting for the best user experience possible — that both looks cool and is super easy to use. My motto is: “Ability is what gives you the opportunity; belief is what gets you there.”