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KoskiHoiva Oy - Technology meets people

Koskihoiva offers a variety of care services for all. Our target is to offer the best customer experience in care services. We combine the best technology, partnerships and services, providing the highest possible value for the customer.

Our story

We utilize the best available technologies to ensure service quality. Our services include for example:

  • Home security services
  • Home nursing
  • Wellbeing improvement (including cleaning services)
  • Services for families with kids

Today customers are forced to seek services from multiple service providers. With the existing model the comprehensive care and improvement of the customers' quality of life is challenging. Customers can benefit from opportunities the latest technology innovations create when the innovations are offered as a well combined and cost efficient package that is easy to order. KoskiHoiva was established to fullfil this market demand, KoskiHoiva has a vision of being a pioneer in the digitisation of care services.

KoskiHoiva Oy was established in 2015 and business operations were started by the end of the yar. We offer a variety of preventive care, nursing, care and healthcare services for customers of all ages. During the spring of 2016 KoskiHoiva started to utilize techonology, when we started to evaluate technological innovation needs among its customers. Piloting and the deployment of new technology has created new possibilities of taking care of our customers better and safer at home. Our vision is to implement a large and complete ecosystem and the first steps have already been taken. The company has negotiated with companies providing care and security technology from Israel, South Korea, Japan, China and Finland. The advantage of our new ecosystem is that KoskiHoiva is able to distinguish different customer segments (e.g. based on the needs of a customer) to provide comprehensive services for our customers. Our short term target is to cover the Finnish market, but especially when it comes to scalable technology, the company aims for a profitable growth also in the Nordics

Despite the immense breadth of available technology, today's technology does not meet people's needs especially in home care services. In a best case scenario technological innovations dramatically improve people's quality of the life. A real life example will concretise this:

One customer of KoskiHoiva is suffering from a memory disorder, and the disease has gradually limited her ability to move outside of her house. At some point, she could no more leave her house, because she was afraid of getting lost and couldn’t find her way back to home.  To solve this challenge, KoskiHoiva started to map suitable technology and a device was found through its international partner network. This device was received quickly for a customer to test. With the help of this device, the customer can be located and a voice connection can be reached at any point. The customer is also able to reach a voice connection easily by simply pressing a button if there is an emergency. The same device and service has been taken into use with other KoskiHoiva customers suffering from weak memory and the improvement of their quality of life has been remarkable. 

This is only one conrete example of how KoskiHoiva is able to utilize technology in its services. First it is important to identify and map the need to which a solution will be charted. Once a solution is found, it can be scaled to other customers who have similar needs. Technology is there for the people, not the other way around.

The owners of the company are dedicated and commited to the company and to developing it further in the long term. The founders of KoskiHoiva have strong experience in both the private and the public sectors. This combined with the staff's strong experience in the nursing sector creates a strong base for success on the market. KoskiHoiva has started its business with a quality home services in the Tampere are and in the near future the company is expanding to other areas of Finland and within couple of years to abroad.

We will develop our service based on the economical total cost of ownership, KoskiTurva security services and the KoskiHoiva ecosystem for our customres of all ages. When we talk about ecosystem, we mean that we cooperate with partner companies who are focused on their own core businesses. From the customer point of view all the services are purchased from KoskiHoiva, even though the actual service producer can be another company. Partnering with other companies enables faster growth and geographical expansion to new market areas in a profitable manner On the other hand partner companies will benefit from the security and care technology provided by KoskiHoiva. Combining high quality services and cutting-edge technology will create a significant competitive advantage and enables profitable and controlled growth.

We offer the best care service experience for our customers and the best possibilities to influence the content of the service and schedules. KoskiHoiva improves the quality of living at home and provides more value for its individual and public sector customers within its sector of business by utilizing new comprehensive digitised services.

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Our business & market situation

Technology meets people

KoskiHoiva scouts solutions for actual customer needs. Generally speaking, approximately  80 % of customer needs are very similar and the remaining 20 % are quite unique. Primarily Koskihoiva has found solutions to meet the needs of the majority, such as:

  • Emergency wrist button
  • Automatic alerts when a customer falls down or has an emergency situation
  • Location services for the people who have any kind of memory disorders.

These needs are however changing rapidly and the most important thing is to follow the development of these needs and scout new solutions which can fulfil customers' expectations. Finland is a small-scale market when it comes developing new technologic devices.  For this reason KoskiHoiva cooperates with international partners, who are developing new care technology innovations to meet the changing needs. At the same time the services and devices are of high quality and cost-effective that enables higher profitability. The same model also enables us to provide solutions for unique customer requirements. 

This new model can be scaled internationally. We aim to enter the market by being a modern and innovative integrator that provides advanced home care solutions for elderly people. KoskiTurva security services enable for example security services and remote care services by using mobile technology. Today all these services targeted for elderly people are fragmented and there is not a single service provider from whom customers could purchase all the services from one place. KoskiHoiva introduces a new fit-for-purpose model in order to integrate (service integration) on demand services for it customers in a correct and cost-effective way. KoskiHoiva is aiming to be the innovation leader in quality.  

Latest technology innovations and on demand service offering are providing by far the largest value propositions and scale advantages in care and security services.

The biggest advantages in competition and scalability are created by new technologic solutions that are integrated with the care and security services and with the active service guidance for the customer

The operational model of KoskiHoiva is based on a care plan and the assigned responsible nurse operating model, in which the operation model and the care plan are optimised for the customer benefits. KoskiHoivo model is combined with the continuous analysis and evaluation of effectivity. The assigned nurse and doctor are responsible for the service chain, including remote nurse consultation, support functions, security services and advanced technology.  

The care ecosystem is built by utilizing local and international (for example Chinese and Israeli) partners, which are enabling new services and a short reaction time. The KoskiHoiva ecosystem is a collection of fragmented services, which also enables scaling when the company develops further. The ecosystem gathers all the services into one result-oriented entity without interfaces. The entity of partners and service quality is managed by KoskiHoiva. 


KoskiHoiva aims to be the first choice for its potential customers choosing and paying for the services by themselves and the best partner for municipalities who are looking for new solutions. Service level and quality are evaluated and measured continuously and together with the latest technology the customer will receive the best customer experience and it will turn into a long term customer relationship and continuously improving cost efficiency. The company focuses on the following customer segments:

  • Customers ordering and paying their services by themselves  
  • Customers using service coupons provided by the municipality
  • Services sold to municipalities and the clientels that are created by competetive tendering (outsourcing)

In our business area, the number of potential customers is expected to grow for the next twenty years or so in the following manner: 

  • By 2025 over 20 % of European citizens will be over 65 years old and the number of people over 80 years old will be growing rapidly
  • Finland is aging the fastest in Europe and it is expected that 26 % of the population (relative percentage) is over 65 years old by 2030. This means that one in four people would be considered as an elderly person.
  • Majority of the elderly prefer to live at their own house or apartment as long it is possible. 90 % of people over 75 were living at home in 2010. The government of Finland is reducing facilities for elderly people, which is increasing the number of elderly people living at home.
  • 30-50 % of the people living at their home requires help occasionally and approximately 25-30 % of the elderly people requires regular help.
  • Other factors, which increase demand for the service:
    • Already today approximately 120,000 over 65-year-olds are diagnosed as suffering from dementia and by 2020 the number is expected to grow to 130,000.


Current situation

KoskiHoiva started its activity at the end of the year 2015 and the revenue forecast for the year 2016 will be approximately €250,000. Forecasts for  2017 look promising and the company aims to reach revenue of over 1 million euros. The company has been able to create a good reputation, and the number of customers is growing. The company has invested on rapid growth, on utilizing various technology innovations and on deployment of new ways of working (e.g. KoskiHoiva Ecosystem). In the coming few years, the company is looking to increase revenue dramatically and improve profitability.

Service Concept

The service platform will have to offer a growing number of electronic services the further we go in time. Electronic solutions and operational models are the key to meet the targets set in the Finnish government's healthcare reform. KoskiHoiva is able to approach many market segments (wellbeing, care, support and technology markets) with the new approach, which grows the total market potential.

Why invest in KoskiHoiva?

KoskiHoiva is a new operator on the market. With an agile approach, KoskiHoiva is able to utilize the best practices combined with the latest technology in order to build a great customer experience. We will treat our customers with professionalism and humanity to provide customer oriented service. Overall demand for care services is increasing and the Finnish healthcare reform is opening new business opportunities for care service providers. The company has focused on creating a new service concept, which is genuinely customer oriented (not depending on any system)  and economical - the concept is based on scalability. The company’s knowhow and agility combined with growing market potential is enabling rapid development of revenue in a profitable and controlled fashion. 

A market share of only a few percent (average) of the key business areas would mean 20-30 million euros in revenue potential in Finland. The company has a talented and experienced team and board, which is driving the growth of market share. Security services under the KoskiTurva brand are one of the key business areas of KoskiHoiva, which is opening new customer segments. The operational model of the company is agile and adaptive, which is increasing the possibility of providing more home services to customers. The margin in security services is better compared to traditional care services, and it also provides a more stable revenue stream. The high margin comes from the fact that KoskiHoiva is able to produce services with a low cost structure, with the latest technology.

Investors of the KoskiHoiva

Janne Koskinen: ”I have been in the finance sector for over 15 years and I have experience of several startup companies. Currently I work as an Investment Manager at OP group. I ended up with the career through an investment hobby back in 1987. I have an M.Sc (Economics), aged 44. Koskinen comments ”As a new agile care service provider, KoskiHoiva is able to utilize best practices and the latest technology innovations to improve customer experience. There is an increasing need for care services and the healthcare reform is opening up new business opportunities for care service providers.”

Our team

Our team

Riku Rekonen

Partner and CEO

Rekonen has a strong experience of developing services in the public sector. He has much work experience in both the private and the public sectors. Riku has been involved in public healthcare cooperation with multiple cities and municipalities. He is not only experienced in working with the public sector, but also has a strong background in the private sector and entrepreneurship.


Jani Vehkalahti

Partner and member of the board

Vehkalahti has 15 years of experience in international business development, digitisation and utilising technological innovation in various applications. As a member of the board he has built up a global (US, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, South Korea and Nordics) sales organisation for a Finnish start-up company in the last 12 months. KoskiHoiva is able to benefit of board member experience in various business models, cultural differences, ability to negotiate international deals and evaluate the additional value of the technological innovation for the customer.


Mari Pölkki

Partner and Service manager

Pölkki has strong experience of managing care services. She has much experience especially in developing services for the elderly and in working with them. Long term experience in healthcare and versatile education guarantee professionalism and enable the offering of demanding services for dedicated customer groups. Pölkki has been working as a care service entrepreneur.


Mikko Komulainen

Chairman of the board

Mikko Komulainen (D.Sc. Admin), Chairman of the board has a strong strategic knowhow and vision of the operational environment in social care and healthcare in the future. Komulainen has approximately 20 years of experience in managing municipalities, groups of municipalities and city service production. Komulainen has been focused on outsourcing services, restructurings and change management. Among other things he has been working as an entrepreneur, CEO and Chairman of the board.


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Stage of development:

The company is a growth company in the startup phase with considerable risks associated with investing and the investor may lose all or some of his or her investment. The company has a low turnover and the value is based on future expectations in some respect.


In the care sector competitors are large or medium-sized enterprises. Within the sector of in-home services technology, competitors are a few medium-sized companies. Our competitors' focus is different from ours and more limited with regards to home care.


Key personnel's illness, injury, or loss may negatively affect the company's operations, at least momentarily.

The shares and share issue:

As with all other companies, defining the valuation is difficult and investors may not be able to sell the company's shares at will.