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Sport climbing available like never before

Fitness and business benefits. Awarded Finnish innovation called Climbstation™ makes it possible to practice real climbing and descending without the need of ropes, instructor on high ceiling

Our story


Our business & market situation

Climbing as a sport has been challenging to arrange indoors. It has needed a reservation, skilled personnel to guide with ropes and harnesses. Plus have a high ceiling which eventually raises the costs and bar to begin or even try this natural and healthy sport.

Imagine a quality product that has a state-of-the art user interface and dimensions that the climbing wall can be installed in a normal gym, sports hall or even private premises.

A fun and effective sport that has plenty of fitness benefits. Building core strenght, endurance, coordination and balance this is ideal product for all fitness facilities worldwide. As the product is possible to get with an investment less than 650 € per month it enables a strong business extension possibilities for all locations interested in supplying new products and bringing activities available to consumers.

As a manufacturer and design company Joyride Games develops the climbstation product concept and distributes the product through a distribution channel. At current time Joyride Games´s ClimbStation is being sold to 15 locations. Four in Finland and rest to countries as USA, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Norway. The results are promising. For example our gym customer in Norways has made a repeated order and has now two ClimbStation walls and his business has grown and climbing become popular in his gym.

Our vision is that climbing will grow its popularity and as a spare time increases and cost per square foot increases too there will be a good market and growth possibilities for healthy sport made available in fraction of the size and costs than before. The biggest growth will become from Russia and USA where we expect a sales of more than 500 units annual market making a turnover more than 15 M €.

Our target growth market is the Fitness segment and we expect to doubble our sales during the year 2012 to a turnover of 160 000 Eur as the current year 6 ClimbStation units has been sold. Average sales price per product is 27 000 Eur and profit marginal is approx. 30%. We expect to double the sales also 2013 to 12 sold units making an estimated turnover of 300 000 Eur and profit 80 000 Eur. Year 2014 / 2015 will be the target year where we have the distribution channel and sales reaching above 40 units, turnover above 1 M Eur. and profits 300 000 Eur. After 1 M sales the speed will increase. 

Fitness market is changing: The 80´s style gyms are going out of the fashion although free weights will have its place, people are looking for more interesting and social workout methods. Also the workout has to be effective. Climbing is just perfect for this, as when you climb you can not cheat. It is one of the most effective workout forms and it affects the muscles you rarely use on normal life.

2013 Joyride will broaden the product portfolio to three product models, and introduce an user interface update with new fitness feautures to increase the product appeal.

Our biggest demand for the capital is for the marketing, targeting to the worlds biggest fitness exhibitions and finding the right distributor channels. Another thing is related to the improving of the product availability, incresing the speed on production and lowering the production costs.

Our team

Our team

Joyride Games Oy (Ltd.) is located in Forssa near the manufacturing location Stera Technologies Oy Close to a modern 3D design studio Malliva Oy where all parts are designed.

The Inventor Kaarle Vanamo is the creative chief and head of development (CEO). Kaarle has a previous business backgroud. His Former company, called Vivid Communications -importing special printing materials business was sold in 2006 to focus mainly on ClimbStation business. Kaarle has been studying at Marketing Institute in Helsinki for Business and Marketing. see: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kaarlevanamo

Jim Pettersen is a sales director with a responsibility of international sales and distributor coaching. http://www.linkedin.com/in/jimwpettersen

Joyride Games Oy is a company that has currently 13 share owners with extensive skills in business, marketing, sheet metal manufacturing and electronics. Attached is a PDF document of the current owners and shares.

Currently we have distributors in Italy, Netherlands, USA, Russia, Norway, France and Spain.