Last updated August 15, 2018
Yepzon provides tech leading locating devices with a uniquely reliable, highly profitable service. This easily scalable platform already offers additional safety for thousands of people every day.
Financial information
Rows marked with an asterisk are estimates.
Revenue EBITDA
2019* 16 330 000 EUR 5 230 000 EUR
2018* 4 180 000 EUR 104 000 EUR
2017* 1 500 000 EUR -129 000 EUR
2016 605 007 EUR -874 575 EUR

Business & market

Our goal is a world where nothing runs the risk of getting lost – and where Yepzon™ is the global standard. Our aim is to hold 15-20% of the global market share by 2021.

Business & market

Yepzon expects the locator market to grow 35% per year and aims to grow much faster than the market. The growth strategy contains growing in the personal safety and logistic solution segments in addition to the locator market. We estimate that growth in 2018 will be strongly driven by our licensing partners and industrial services. In 2019, there will be a commercialisation of narrow band networks and we also expect the Indian market to be opened at that time.

Yepzon is positioned to capitalise on the market potential presented by a positioning service as a vital dimension of the IoT. The GPS tracking device market is set to break $3.5B by 2019 and the total worldwide addressable market for goods tracking is set to reach 3.1 billion units in 2021 (ABI Research, 6/2/2016). We aim to continually provide the category’s leading platform in consumer business.

In addition to high-volume device sales, the big opportunity lies within the service business, where revenues are projected to surpass device sales revenues in 2019. Our service business includes locating and global data in mobile networks, plus cloud services. The service business is highly profitable, with a 60-80% sales margin.

Yepzon is already the preferred brand by leading distributors both domestically and globally. Our growing roster of partners include: Amazon Europe, Elisa, Elkjöp (Gigantti), Ebay, Clas Ohlsson, XXL, Telia and Deutsche Telekom. In distribution, we have partnered with ALSO and Ingram Micro. As a technology leader, we also license our solutions (PocketFinder, US) and provide our services to other businesses (Securitas).

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Our team

Otto Linna

BBA, CEO, Founder


Linna has strong consumer business experience. He brought SUN Radios in Finland from a company in financial crisis to being cash-flow positive in two years to being a company with the highest credit rating in five years.

Heidi Rantala

M.Sc., CMO.


Rantala is a very driven marketing and sales professional with over 10 years of experience in consumer marketing. Before Yepzon she worked over six years at Unilever running several brands such as Magnum, Cornetto and Ben & Jerry’s.

Juha Ritala

Engineer, CTO.


Ritala has experience in mobile technology in international technology companies including Botnia Hightech, Nokia Mobile Phones and Delphi. Ritala is skilled at high-level multi-tasking and he leads over 100 people R&D and production teams in development processes.

Juha “John” Kiesi

M.Sc. Business, CEO of Yepzon’s US operations.


For the past 15+ years, Kiesi has worked at various international executive positions within retail, real estate, and business development.

Antti Halonen

M.Sc. Engineering, CFO and VP of the Yepzon™ Board.


Through his own consulting firm Halonen has over 15 years of experience in financial management. He is a well-known specialist in the operator business and has run several successful M&A projects.

Jonne Haakana

BBA, CSO, Head of Yepzon's sales team


Jonne is a specialist in channel sales with over 15 years of experience in media sales within some of Finland’s largest media companies. With his extensive experience in leading teams and sales, Jonne manages Yepzon’s global sales team.

Ashish Deswal

Engineer, CEO, Yepzon Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd.

Deswal has strong connections within the Indian consumer business. In addition, he is a serial entrepreneur who has established three companies specialized in real estate and manufacturing.

Our story

Yepzon provides tech leading locating devices with a uniquely reliable, highly profitable service. This easily scalable platform already offers additional safety for thousands of people every day.

Yepzon Oy is a developer of positioning technologies and safety services from Tampere, Finland. Yepzon was founded as Otto Linna – now Chairman of the board – was reviewing statistics on missing persons and was baffled by the staggering number of unsolved cases. Turns out that in the EU and US alone, more than one million children go missing each year, with more than 100,000 of them never to be found. And when it comes to missing pets or vehicles, the number is ten times greater.

Otto realised that with modern technology the number of these cases could be significantly reduced. As a serial entrepreneur and a previous part owner of two companies for children’s wearables, his initial idea was to make a traceable kids’ hoodie. He gathered an experienced group of investors to bring this vision to life. In 2013 Yepzon was founded by Otto Linna, Minna Linna, Jani Hätönen, Mikko Kuitunen, Olli Gestranius and Antti Nieminen.

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Funding & Documents

Yepzon Oy has raised 2.24M EUR in 2 funding rounds with a latest valuation of 12.61M EUR

Funding rounds
Date Amount
Jul, 2018 938 721 EUR
Oct, 2017 1 298 272 EUR

Other documents

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