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Dikital.com is an ecosystem-free and browser-based Video Content Management service where you can easily store, file, tune and share your video content.

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Video content is flooding devices and is now stored in different places: external hard drives, memory cards and DVD´s and it can be hard to control and use. Most of the storage and distribution systems are tied to a closed device-based ecosystem. In the cloud environment no one distribution format or platform will emerge as a standard and that can make video sharing over different platforms and devices complicated. Free distribution platforms are mostly public and people can´t share their videos privately.

The consumers have become video producers and are ready to pay for video management services. The global market expands as smartphones and video recording devices become more affordable. Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) and video sharing platforms such as YouTube have permanently transformed the way people record and share their experiences.

We make the customer´s life easier by providing a new and refreshing, ecosystem free end-to-end solution for storing, sharing and fine-tuning videos.

Dikital has an easy to use, drag & drop UI with great look and feel, which requires no technical expertise. It can be used with any OS and any device and it is ecosystem independent.

Through Dikital the consumers can share their content with the whole world or just with the selected few. Existing services sell tool-like experiences, but we hide the high tech and focus on a fun and exciting UX. The company owns the IPR for the solution.

Our business model is based on a freemium -model. Free version has limitations in storage size, tuning tools and sharing. In the free version revenues are created by in-app purchases starting from 0,99 euros and mandatory advertisements. Basic and premium levels have bigger storage, more tuning tools, almost unlimited sharing possibilities, "eyes only" -channels, more music options and no advertising.

In EU there are around 1 million “prosumers”, who create and distribute content on regular basis. According to YouTube over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on it´s website. There are only a few video content management tools on the market and most of them assume that the consumer has prior knowledge of video and computer technologies.

Development of Dikital.com was started with market research on the UK market. The beta version of Dikital.com was completed in Q4/2012. After beta phase´s feedback, Dikital.com has widened its target market from small companies and video producing "prosumers" to cover all customers who create videos. The planning of the commercial version 1.0 has started and the emphasis will be on the user experience – the look and feel – and the main goal is to improve the User Interface.

The product will be launched in Q4 /2013 and the number of customers in 2013 will be roughly 3000. In 2014 Dikital will have 50.000+ customers and in 2015 we will have 100.000+ customers. First revenues will come in 2013. In 2014 the revenues will be 800.000 euros and in 2015 revenues will be 5.000.000 euros.

Unser Team

Unser Team

Mr. Ilpo Murtovaara, founder, CEO, holds a BA from Tampere University in sociology and was educated at Stockholm University in film and television theory. He has been producing and directing film and TV-productions. Mr. Murtovaara has also been involved in several international TV-productions.

Mr. Riku Suokas, founder, Chairman of the Board, holds an MA from the University of Tampere. He is a well known actor, stand up comedian and artistic director. Mr. Suokas is also the founder of the biggest comedy festival in the Nordic countries.

He has directed for television and for the big screen and was for several years the CEO for the second biggest theatre, the TTT, in Finland.

Together with Ilpo Murtovaara, he has developed mobile video content distributed in the US, UK and Australia.