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Waulis Motors Ltd - The New Engine Generation

You want to be part of something Bigger! Every test drive will lead us towards the final proof of concept to make an environmentally friendly motor, which will explode the conception of exist

Über uns


Aulis Pohjalainen, the founder of Waulis Motors, has a long technology background and a serial entrepreneur.  He graduated from the Helsinki school of applied sciences majoring automobile technology.  At a time of his graduation in 1952, Olympic Year in Helsinki, time was not mature enough for his invention until now.  Gas was cheap and global warming was unknown phenomenon.  Today we are facing depletion of Global Oil Reserves and even worse, the threats of Global Climate Warming.  International community has reacted to global warming setting up high sanctions to GHG, (Green House Gases) producing industry of which automobiles are among major contributor in transportation section.


Our invention is based on Variable Compression Ratio engine (VCR) which is one of the most promising technologies in the fight against GHG, mainly Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and thus Global Warming.  Cars are operated most of the time at low power setting and the internal combustion engine efficiency is poor at this operating point.  Variable Compression Ratio will significantly increase the efficiency yielding very low fuel consumption and proportionally less CO2.  There are many solutions proposed to have this technological advance in production but none are so simple, small and inexpensive to do than our Waulis Invention.


Motortesting @ Oulu AMK    << Video


Unsere Geschäfts- und Marktsituation


It is expected that first consumer cars utilizing Waulis technology will come to the markets in 2017. Our current projections and estimations of valuation expectation are over one hundred million euros year 2018. Would you want to be part of this?

Forecasted sales of licenses 2014 – 2019 (M€; based on license price 300€/motor)

  1. Year 2014: 1 M€ (premium)
  2. Year 2015: 2 M€ (premium)
  3. Year 2016: 12 M€
  4. Year 2017: 30 M€
  5. Year 2018: 90 M€
  6. Year 2019: 180 M€



Waulis Motors ltd is a Company founded in 2011 to further develop a revolutional Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) engine concept.  We have demonstrated system functionality at our tests in Oulu, Savonlinna and Rovaniemi.  Literature and various conceptual trials has clearly demonstrated the ability of Variable Compression Ratio to gain reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption at normal road speeds up to 30%  compared to an engine with same power.  Recently approved thesis done at Oulu polytechnic states that we have reached 29.1 % better efficency in indicated power (thermodynamic efficency).  Waulis technology provides also a true multifuel engine, able to take the best out of benzin (petrol), ethanol, mixtures of petrol - ethanol or gas (LPG).  Also the possibility to control each cylinder individually smooths the road towards HCCI, which will add a significant factor to fuel savings and reductions in emissions.



We are developing a 4-stroke spark ignited variable compression ratio (VCR) petrol engine, which can use also ethanol or LPG as well.  Invention can be used also in Diesel engines and is seen as one possibility in creation of HCCI-engines - which are very clean and efficient.  Our works are complimentary to each other as the two-stroke Diesel engine is intended a different market segment than our technology.

Our Invention has only three parts – eccentric gear, control gear and adjusting actuator.  It is simple, small and inexpensive to manufacture.  We have used standard 4 cylinder 1.8 liter engine as our test bed.  Engine used is currently in mass production and as you may see in photos below there are no change visible outside thus the design is very compact.


Investments to our work

Our Invention has been examined thoroughly with distinguished organizations like Keksintösäätiö, Finnish Innovation Foundation, ELY and Yritys Suomi. These Organizations has significantly funded our work up to date.  Total investment to our project is over 200 000 € including our own capital.  Founders has invested 80 000 as share capital.  Today we are at a point to make a breakthrough with our technology.  As a comparison another Finnish motor invention (2-stroke Diesel engine) took 700 k€ to develop proof of concept stage and is now been examined by some of the tier 1 auto industries.  In this respect we are closing the same point with this investment coupled with investments from public institutions such as ELY and later on TEKES and other institutions.


Use of Investment

With the inteded investement we are building a set of new engines to further develop this new generation of engine concept coupled with 3D engine simulation (GT-Power).  This is essential as there is no simple theory to calculate and predict the behavior of the engine accurately as it is highly non-linear chaotic process – computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation will help to cut development costs and time.


Market Potential

Market potential is huge.  Our Total Addressable Market (TAM) is over 100 million engines with market value over 300 billion € (300 miljardia euroa) annually and increasing as BRIC countries are catching the speed (Brazil, Russia, India and China).  Today China is by far the biggest automobile market area and as we have read from the news, air pollution in China is immense.  Therefore, as stated also their 5-plan, top priority is to cut air pollution.  China as well as India will need quick, cheap and reliable solutions to cope with their need of mobility – the big wheel of prospering growing economy, but at the same time to cope with increasing air pollution and smog.


Business Model

We are using latest techniques in mapping our business opportunities and developing them, Business Canvas – see below.  Our business model is to develop technology with selected partners and to sell license.  Initial studies we have made indicates that 300 – 500 €, depending on sanctions exposed to industry, is feasible.  With only 1% market penetration our annual income will be over 300 M€, which is almost fully net profit.  Therefore we have put a great effort in protection of our IPR's.

Our income is at initial phase coming from signing fees with selected companies.  We have already met top management of Tata and Mahindra group including Mr Ratan Tata himself (major owner of TATA group having market value of 72 billion € (72 miljardia).  Tata and Mahindra represent the biggest car manufactures in India.  Tata is manufacturing also Jaguar among many other makes.  We have initial connection to Chinese car manufacturers ongoing, with a prospective deal to technology transfer funds in China (China TEKES).

Car manufacturers are phasing immense pressure both from customers and more severely from governmental actions.  In Europe 2020 legislative sanctioning level is 95 grams/CO2/km.  This is fleet average, every gram above will be sanctioned at a rate of 90 € / manufactured car.  American CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) has same principals.



VCR- technology is one of the most promising possibilities to reduce emissions and to increase fuel economy, more kilometers per liter.  There are no commercial VCR technologies at market today.  We are actively looking our competitors and none has got so far, so quick and with so little money invested.  This clearly indicates superiority of our technological potential.  We have fitted our system, three parts, in a 4 cylinder 1.8 liter engine that is currently in mass production.

In our opinion competitors constructions are more complex, heavier and more expensive to manufacture.  Positive thing is that results and prediction of fuel savings and reduction of emissions from all of them are of same magnitude as our calculations.


Unser Team

Unser Team

Tapio Pohjalainen, Chairman of the board, CTO (1961) - M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Aalto University.

  • Competences: Accomplished leader in global setup, innovative having a patent at KONE corporation, over 20 years experience in product development, PhD candidate at Aalto university in Industrial Management

Aulis Pohjalainen, Innovator, Member of the Board (1930) - Emeritus Car Engineer/ Technical College of Helsinki

  • Over 60 years of experience in machine- and composition technologies, Innovator, serial entrepreneur

Timo Pohjalainen, CEO, Member of the Board (1964) - M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Lappeenranta University of Technology

  • Competences: Leadership, business strategies, hands-on knowledge of internationalization operations


Jari Ängeslevä, VP International Sales  (1969) - MBA, Certificate of University of Edinburgh, M.Sc., SME leadership and international marketing, Lappeenranta University of Technology


  • Competences: International business development, consulted and closed over 60 deals with international companies in their plans to increase business in Finland and Europe through partnerships and acquisitions


Petri Jussila, Senior Advisor (1967) - MBA, Certificate of University of Edinburgh, M.Sc, Industrial Management and Material Sciences, Technical University of Tampere


  • Competences: Leadership, business development, finance and venture capital


Jyri Pyrrö, Senior Advisor (1958) - M.Sc., Computer Science, University of Oulu


  • Competences: International business development, software business, leadership, customer relation management, Experienced Start-Up entrepreneur